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  1. I hunt there, but don't live there
  2. I'm shooting the 3.5" H-13 #7's - maybe 10% more pellets than your Nitro #7's. I don't have my camera cord with me, but last night I counted 3 #7 targets; 270, 308, and a 336. All at a strong lasered 40.5 yards....
  3. Just counted one of the H-13 #7's from yesterday, 305 in the 10" at 40 yards. Will post photos in another post probably. But there are a ton of #7's in 2.25 oz
  4. mudhen

    SBE II Value

    It's worth what someone will pay for it Cost on the camo non-CT guns was/is around $900. If the gun is used, I'd say $750-$800 is a street price if used....
  5. I would barely be happy with twice that on the 10" at 40 yards with 3" #6 Nitros I get 160-180 with the IC .665 + H-13 2.25 oz #6's, and even that is just acceptable to me. Shot H-13 #7's yesterday - haven't counted them yet - but it looks like 200+ easy in the 10" at 40 yards
  6. With the film being a plastic of sorts, it's easy for me to keep guns clean and I get less rust on the outside of the metal parts. As for a hunting reason to have a camo gun, it's up to the shooter. This year, I will spend 20+ days in the field chasing turkeys in 5 or more states. I may encounter wind, rain, coyotes, snow, fog, dogs, cats, etc. I want to maximize my encounters with these pretty sharp birds. I've had hens within 36" of the end of my shotguns. Don't know if they would have come that close if the gun was a shiny Sport II. Don't care. Have no plans to find out If I had to hunt places with a short season, or low bag limit, or had my own place and nothing but time on my hands, or couldn't travel like I do now, I probably wouldn't care about a camo gun. But I don't, so I do
  7. Just depends where I am and how much stuff I need to carry I've got just about every vest ever made for the most part. They all work ok, but the favorite is the Mossy Oak Trek-Lite vest. Used one for 10 years, still have it, then bought two more from Wing Supply for $8 each on closeout. I usually just carry a seat cushion. Current favorite it the one from Tarantula, light, easy to clip on the vest, takes the sting out of the 17 hours days in Nebraska a bit! All those vests from Cabela's are fine, but I'm not really a big fan of all those straps. In the long run, a simple vest like the ones from MO are probably better....
  8. Good reports on Old Gobbler about the Vinci with .665 IC + H-13 #7's H-13 #6's have been very effective for me, I suspect the #7's will work fine too
  9. So true! I had to laugh at a post on OG about the Primos Truth 21 DVD. One guy watched it and didn't like it. Then about 20 guys in a row jumped in and bashed Primos even though they admitted to not having seen the DVD yet
  10. It's getting hazed on other turkey hunting websites The general issue is that not all chokes work for all guns with all shells. What many are doing, myself included, is contacting choke manufacturers and asking them for recommendations for their particular firearm. Choke makers want you to be happy with their products, so they do have a reason to give out as good of info as possible. The favorites for this seem to be; Trulock, Pure Gold, Indian Creek, and a few others. I find decent info at the N W T F boards as well as Old Gobbler
  11. x2 for not using a scope My main reason is that second shots due to misses and/or a cripple, and doubles can happen. Trying to find the bird for a follow-up shot with even the most open attached sight is not always that easy. I remember a Kansas double that would have been impossible with any sort of scope. But it was possible with the bead
  12. My Max 4 SBE II, ordered in 2004, shipped in 2005, has a BU code, so at least the receiver was made in 2004.
  13. Sounds like you may have lost a D-ring, but I don't own a Nova anymore, so I can't look at it to confirm the Nova has the D-rings....
  14. Can you please post a photo of the BT serial # on your SBE II? My dealer has some explaining to do. 5-6 of us paid for ours in full in 2004, and didn't receive them until 2005. I want to rip him a new one about that, and ask for a refund of the interest he made keeping our almost $9000 for months when the gun had been available for around two years
  15. I'd call IC and ask what set-up might work best for the M2. In the still target world, IC moved past most of the competition several years ago. I have Rhinos, JHs, etc. and like them, but the IC chokes I have perform much better. Anything will work out to 30-35 yards, but I've found the IC really performs well after some chokes peter out.
  16. With the Vinci being pretty new, I've seen little in the way of reports on choke & load combinations. Did you check with IC before ordering the choke to get the one they recommended? Stuart and Mike have never steered me wrong, and even let me exchange a choke for one that worked better. I've never had a gun pattern H-13 and XR's the same, so hopefully you can get at least one of them to work well. If you can get the Magnum Blend to pattern well, and the POI is good, you should be set You might be better off looking around at the NWTF forums and the Old Gobbler forums for info on the Vinci. My first round of testing with the Magnum Blend didn't really go that well. I didn't bring the big white sheets of paper because I didn't think it would be that hard to keep the MB on my normal turkey target. I was wrong. For whatever reason, the MB hits 12"-18" lower than the H-13 #6's that I have been shooting for the past few seasons. Could be the speed of the MB, but it could be anything really. What little of the pattern I could see on the paper looks somewhat promising, but I'll have to wait until I can put it on the big white sheets. The main problem I see already is that I can't shoot two different loads that are 12"-18" apart in POI, so I will probably just scrap the MB and stick with the H-13 #6's for now.
  17. Don't think the SBE II came out until early 2005, maybe late 2004. There is a chart on here somewhere showing the date of manufacture using the serial # of your gun. Maybe someone will post it for you, or you can look around using the search feature. I'd say that is makes a big difference in price if it's an SBE, or an SBE II. $800 for a wood SBE II might be a good price. Not so sure if $800 is a good price for a wood SBE. I pass on them all the time for $450-$600
  18. Triplex. The regular H-13 are still 1090 fps
  19. I'd think that gun would like the JH in .660, Rhino in .660, etc. and maybe Win XR's in 6's, or something like that. I myself, would call Stuart or Mike at Indian Creek and ask what choke & what load might work best in that gun. I'm guessing it will be a .660 IC and H-13 3" #6's, but that's just a guess. The thing about Indian Creek for me, is letting them shoot all the different choke constrictions and shells, spend all that time & money, and then just tell me what works I've killed birds with other chokes and shells, but I've liked the IC + H-13 combo the best so far....
  20. No, that would be the far right, I just said over to the right a bit
  21. Look up at the top of the page and over to the right a bit
  22. The 10 gauge shell is from Nitro. Can't remember the #, but I think it's 3oz of something: http://www.nitrocompany.com/ammunition.htm#top The 12 gauge is from EM : http://www.hevishot.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=86:tech-center-hevi-13&catid=17:tech-center&Itemid=71
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