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  1. H-13 #7's are fine. Folks have been blasting birds for weeks in Florida and other southern states with them. Penetration tests show they will outperform larger pellets made of lesser materials. Non-issue for the most part unless you really must take longer shots on a regular basis. That being said, I will probably still shoot H-13 #6's in places like Nebraska, where a long field shot is always possible....
  2. mudhen

    Is it me ?

    In my BPS, H-13 #6's shoots pretty much dead on. H-13 #7's shoot just a tad left and a tad high, no big deal, I just move the POA a bit. H-13 MB shoots fine horzontally, but 12"-18" lower than the #6's or #7's. All from the same gun, same IC choke, same rest Yes, it is very common, very common, for different shells to shoot differently with the same gun and choke set-up. No big deal for wingshooters usually, but it can be an issue with these new fancy turkey chokes and loads....
  3. Just put 440 in the 12" at 30 yards, and 270-336 in the 10" at 40 yards. I think a 400 in the 10" at 40 yards is possible, but not without a little more work on the barrel. Yes, #7's for me for sure! Actually, this pattern scares me a bit, it's 90% at 20 yards, maybe too tight That's why I practice at close ranges just before the season starts. Almost had a tom make a fool out of me last year at nine yards, almost.....
  4. Plain old Benelli Standard choke fits, Mobil choke for Beretta's. Something in a .660 - .665 should work ok. Try Carlson's for starters, but I'm sure there are tons of chokes from all the main players http://www.choketube.com/mobilchoke.html
  5. The 3.5" 1.75 oz H-13 was part of the original H-13 launch a few years back. Many consider it to be an inferior load when compared to the 2.25 oz 3.5" load, although some do claim to get decent results with the 1.75 oz load. Rumor has it that EM has a ton of the 3.5" 1.75 oz left, hence the heavy rebate promotions at $5.99 per 5/pk. I sold a bunch of 1.75 oz the other day for less than $1/shell. I shoot the 3.5" 2.25 oz H-13 in #6's and #7's. I've tested the 3" theory, and it does not prevail on paper for me. I've never had a 3" load with fewer pellets outpattern the same shell in the 3.5" version. I've tested the Magnum Blend, and the POI is so different than the standard H-13 POI, that I stopped testing at that point. I find the kick on the 1090 fps H-13 to be acceptable. No problem telling that the MB is a hotter load, but even the MB can't hold a candle to the Nitro for felt recoil for me. If you have time to kill, the Old Gobbler shooting forum is heavy with info on shells & choke info right now.....
  6. Best I have been able to do is a Jellyhead or Rhino in .660 with Winchester Xtended Range #6's in 3.5". This is a 140-150 hits in the 10" circle at 40 yards all day long combo. I could probably work up a heck of a combo with the new H-13 #7's too, maybe in an Indian Creek .660? I might even try the #7's in my SBE II this weekend. Kilt a few birds with the SBE II
  7. Everyone is selling something I'm still going to rely on reputable people who run reputable businesses long before I rely on the opinions of any Internet Wizard, no matter how much they type, and no matter what their mother says from the top of the stairs to the basement Party on Wayne!
  8. Different companies claim to port for a variety of reasons. Many claim the porting at least slows the wad down to keep the wad from disturbing the shot as it travels down range. Some claim that porting vents gas off to reduce felt recoil. From Indian Creek's website: Part of the secret to their success is the 30 parallel ports which quickly ventilate gasses release and stop wad rotation. This can be proven by the 30 cuts in a wad after the shot. What’s more, the tubes also act like a muzzle break and greatly reduce felt-recoil. While I don't know for a fact what porting does, I do know one thing for sure, I'll take the word of well respected and established company over the opinions of an Internet Wizard any day And I get better turkey patterns from my IC choke that I do with any other choke I have ever bought, including maybe a dozen from Carlson over the years. The paper doesn't have an opinion, it just has lots of little holes in it
  9. Wasn't my gun or my experience with Benelli CS here, so I have no educated opinion on what might have happened. I broke the barrel ring on a 1991 SBE in 2000. 26 days total got me the barrel repair at no charge + some adjustments. Still shoot that gun on occasion No complaints from me so far, but it's only been 19 years of owning Benellis.....
  10. Looks a bit different to me, but items often change a bit from pre-production samples to the finished product. One thing for sure, I'd have no problem trusting an Indian Creek product
  11. Funny, that's what we say about all the OR folks that drive 55 in a 65 and are going around the world to the left with their blinker on j/k Turkeys....
  12. SBE II pics should follow after this weekend, or whenever I get more H-13
  13. With the H-13 #7's being hard to find, I have not done much with the SBE II & the JH/Rhino .660 or the IC .665. I do have a nice pattern somewhere of the SBE II + .660 JH and Magnum Blend, a bit low, but dead on right to left, and around 182 pellets in the 10" at 40 yards. 182 of MB should be plenty...
  14. 20 & 30 yards appear to be covered!
  15. Same thing, just working on the everyday gun right now! Fewer hits than the #7's, but I do like their patterns too!
  16. This one shot low, I must have moved the gun!
  17. Just working on the everyday gun. It's a tad off to the left, but it should work out ok!
  18. Not really. I use the 10" with white paper at first, and then the Quaker Boy turkey target for practice and tuning the POI
  19. Yes, it patterns low and a bit blown in the two guns I've tested it in so far. It doesn't throw as tight of a pattern as the H-13 6/7, but it may be that MB doesn't like to be overchoked. Lots of MB info over on Old Gobbler....
  20. About the same. The #7's might be a tad to the left, maybe just a few inches, I'll probably just wind it
  21. Will post up photos on Thursday - don't have the right cord here on the road From last Sunday @ 40 yards, I got: H-13 #6's - BPS - IC .665; 169, 232, 172 H-13 #6's - SBE II - JH .660; 182 H-13 #7's - BPS - IC .665; 270, 326, 305, 336 But there are 550+- pellets in those #7's. Only a mere 434 pellets in the #6's
  22. H-13 #7's are not your everyday #7's
  23. Can't really tell much from the printed paper. When starting off with a new set up, I always shoot at big white paper. Just put a dot or mark, try a few shots, and you might see where your pattern is the most dense. Offhand, I'd say your patterns look like crap, but maybe there is a good pattern just off the paper? I shot the MB in my SBE II with the Primos .660 Sunday and got a 182 at 40 yards. A bit low and off center, but the pattern was there. The MB really smacked the board too! My pattern was only off 8-10" and could easily be remedied with a different bead, a Fire Sight, or Kentucky windage. 182 at 40 will get the job done for the most part
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