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  1. any one in the south central u.s. seeing lots of geese, i hear that they're all in texas. something about harvesting rice
  2. he11 yea man two more days, im goin gras the blind tomorrow. and anticipate on saturday while watchin duck commander dvds
  3. i appreciate all that du and delta are doin, im participating in the youth duck hunt this saturday, hopefully the outcome will stay the same all season if we limit out
  4. i have used winchester experts before. they are a really good shell. i like to use #4 shot. i also bought a case of federal mags. i bout them for the rebate. its a really good deal, and they shoot pretty good too.
  5. yea i think i saw the thing about the oranges on one of the benelli shows or something.
  6. i dont know very much about recipies, but for a real cajun taste, use plenty of oinions, bellpeppers, tobasco, and you can also try to find some cajun injector marinades, some of them come with recipies i think
  7. somebody is lying to you. you can eat teal. in my opinion its not as good as pintail or gadwall, but teal are edible.
  8. it could have been worse, at least you had your clothes on..... you did have your clothes on didnt you? lol
  9. thanks alot, but im not the one to be talkin to about gumbo recipies for geese, that would be my grandfather youd ned to talk to. ill get with him as soon as i can and get back with you on some awsome recipies hes cooked up for us in the past
  10. and im say this cuz here in southwest louisiana we only hunt in marshlands with blinds accessable by mostly boat, or maybe an atv, but the point is we try to make it as easy as possible bto get there, so there wont be as much time spent on getting out there, and more time on getting the decoys ready, along with the guns so you can take a few early sunrise teal
  11. ive never had any problems carryin decoys before, just take em out the boat drag em through the water to your blind set em out cuz theres no point in walkin on the bank to your blind if it aint that far newayz cuz then youll have to get back in the water to flip the decoys over that land on their side(unless that only happens to me). and churning up the mud is good for your spread cuz it actually looks like ducks have been movin around and feeding. and it depends on how many decoys you bring
  12. my dog is in top shape.(wish i could say the same for myself, but im young and healthy so i keep up) she is very active. i take her out and sprint across my yard for a while, and she keeps up. i can tell when shes tired of it cuz she runs right out in front of me causing me to trip and fall, and when im down then she has the time to jump on me and start licking my face. ( of course i get laughed at through the whole process if my dad or my brothers are outside watching me fall.) so you can say we both get a good amount of exercise every day.
  13. thanks alot i really appreciate that.
  14. heard that rdn, i dont really understand what to look for, i just use the modified choke that i got with the gun
  15. i agree, i own a chocolate lab. i heard that black labs (especially males) are very hyper. but i dont know, cuz my dog is sort of hyper, but shes young, and usually in the pen for long periods of time, until i take her out like every other day.
  16. Hey everybody, I have a chocolate lab thats a little over a year old, I started training her at nine months when i got her. i kinda dont know what im doin, i read a book called water dog but its really not up to date, can anyone give me some last minute tips for me to get her to go get my ducks for the upcoming season
  17. Which is the best type of dog to waterfoul hunt with?
  18. has anyone tried tungsten iron by federal? their not good for a long shot, but if you can get that mallard or goose close enough the tungsten wil do the rest
  19. hey bobng, ive had frozen toes before, its not fun is it. im 15 years old, and i just started hunting last season. i started out wearing rubber waders (BIG MISTAKE!!!) the first day of the season i fell, and had water up to my waist. it was a **** of a time getting into the boat, and my dad had to check on me everysooften just to make sure i wasnt going into shock. it wasnt fun. for christmas i got a pair of cheap neoprene waders, the first day out in the feild i felt a huge warmth difference, and since they stayed snug on my body ive never fallen since.
  20. and if anyone can give me tips on trainin my lab id sure apperciate it
  21. I've seen many many geese down her in south louisiana, but ive never seen a canada goose before. yall are lucky to have a sept. huntin season for geese. we only get from dec. to early march to actually take some, but its only snows and specs.
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