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  1. modified stock choke with pheasant load 6's.
  2. I'mwith Matt. I have an M1 and SBE II. I shoot the M1 better, but like the way the SBE II handles. I end up with the M1 more often then the SBEII. Got to be results oriented.
  3. "MOTORIzED DECOY RESTRICTIONS From the opening day of the duck season (which includes Youth Waterfowl Day) through Saturday October 6, a person may not use a motorized decoy or other motorized device designed to attract migratory waterfowl. On water bodies and lands fully contained within state wildlife management area boundaries, a person may not use motorized decoys or motorized devices designed to attract migratory waterfowl at any time during the duck season. This restriction applies whether the motor is running or not. Devices without motors, such as windpowered spinning-w
  4. http://www.refugeforums.com/refuge/ Go to "shooting forum" and then the "pattern page". By the way, the Mrs is from London Ont.
  5. http://www.gunsandammomag.com/ammunition/hevi_hitter/ I read the following in reference to the hevi for turkey. It contradicts the concept of a tighter choke. FYI. I have not had personal experience with the stuff, but did buy a box to try with a Terror 675 and compare it to lead. Sounds like the Terror out of a SBE II is not the ticket though. I let you know how it looks and try to get pics of the pattern.
  6. "Maybe the next forum will have someone who can read for you..." mudhen - CA [/QB] Classic response.
  7. If you are comfortable with each for fit, I would go with the M1 and you can spend x- number of dollars saved on parts, sights, chokes, sling, new recoil tube whatever. The big thing is fit. I have both and when I checked out the SBE II it just was real balanced and came up nifde to the extent that I bought it. My M-1 has a 26 barrel and the SBEII has a 28. Don't know if that mattered or not. I wouldn't by the new one for the cofort tech. You wont go wrong with either.
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