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  1. Nice bird - your uncle owes you one;)
  2. Our season started Saturday. I don't think there was a bird within a half of mile of me. Yesterday we had some nasty weather, so I said today is the day. I started making some pot calls calls a few months ago and hit the woods with an arsenal of them this morning. I had several birds answer and move in but not enough to close the deal. After about 20 minutes of nothing, I get up to leave. I cross over into another field and see a gobbler about 400 yards away strutting alone. I called with everything I had and the bird wouldn't budge or gobble. I started walking to my truck and the bird
  3. I saw this bird on the roost once it started getting light and I felt like he saw me. He stayed in the tree for almost an hour after it got light but flew down in my direction. 16.5 lbs. - he must have been a smoker - his growth appears to be stunted . 10 1/8" beard and 3/4" spurs. This will probably do it for me this season. Great photos everyone. Thanks, Chris
  4. Tucker301, I'll try to post a pic of the call tomorrow. This is my best "Mudhen inspired" photo of that bird with the call. I bought the pot, the aluminum surface, and the slate sound board from Brookside for a total of about $12. Another $10 in finish and glue. I used a mandrel from a drum sanding bit in an electric drill to turn the call for sanding. I know this description sounds bad but it turned out great. I now have a lathe and hope to turn some great calls.
  5. My 2nd bird of the season killed this afternoon. Called in with an aluminum pot call I made
  6. Sorry didn't see this. I have a 28" barrel.

  7. 28" barrel. Good Luck. Our season opens in the morning.
  8. If you can shoot # 7's in your state, I would get some HEVI -13 #7's. I have a SBE2 w/ a Jelly Head and put 338 pellets in a 10" circle @ 40 yards. Good Luck.
  9. I picked up some Hevi-13 #7's in 3.5" yesterday. Here is a shot @ 40 yards w/ Jelly Head. 338 hits. Last week the WIN XR #6's were 153 hits. The POI was a little off (the smaller dot was my best guess at the range of the pattern center). The shells are almost the same price so I think I'll be switching . Hope this helps.
  10. I've hunted all my life but just got into Turkey hunting a few years ago. I have an older Primos vest. I was told "this is the one to get" by a hunting buddy and I got it. I like it but would probably like anybody else's also. I think a good vest offers some advantages - a padded back strip to help when sitting against that tree and also a nice drop down seat. My vest has a large back pocket for carrying a decoy or a dead turkey (I'm not putting a bleeding bird back there) and more pockets than I can use. As far as calls - I think it is hard to beat a good box call for beginners or
  11. http://www.midsouthshooterssupply.com/department.asp?dept=%41%4D%4D%55%4E%49%54%49%4F%4E&dept2=%53%48%4F%54%53%48%45%4C%4C&dept3=%48%45%56%49%2D%53%48%4F%54&dept4=%48%45%56%49%20%31%33%20%54%55%52%4B%45%59 Looks like they have # 7 also. Glad they are right up the street
  12. As far as turkey hunting goes - a pistol grip and a shooting stick (like the V-pod from HS Strut) would let you shoot using just your right arm.
  13. I thought I heard one time that it was a little like steel shot and would damage the barrel on an older gun. I have an old Winchester Ranger 20 ga that I wanted to try Hevi-Shot in for my son to use this year. Thanks, Chris
  14. Been very tough for me. Saw a 2 gobblers during the youth hunt with my oldest son but they were far away and not interested. Have had gobbles all around me on morning hunts only to call in jakes. Got off early last Friday afternoon and hit the fields around 1:30. Within minutes I hear gobbles close by. I start sneaking and finally see a very nice bird. I start belly crawling and we actually are moving towards the same point. About 85 yards later of belly crawling (and I mean belly crawling) I hear him make some excited clucks and look up to see a big coyote chase him away. That single
  15. I called in a coyote (at least I guess I did) this year and on instinct shot her. It was a quick decision as the coyote was at the near limits of my comfort zone for distance. I've seen a fraction of the number of birds I've seen last year and the year before and while the coyotes may not be all to blame they aren't helping. Chris
  16. I had a regular stock on my SBE2 and later ordered a SteadyGrip for turkey hunting. I had a RedHead Sling like this at first http://www.basspro.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/Product_10151_-1_10001_49722_400004009_400000000_400004000_400-4-9 and found out it didn't work with the SteadyGrip. I purchased a QuakeClaw because you could separate the swivel from the strap which is how you need to attach a sling to the SteadyGrip. I did this and it worked fine for me. Is the top swivel a little tricky to install? Yes, but not difficult and I would say it has 70-80% movement. It has worked f
  17. 1st thanks to all the great guys that have given great advice over the years, it certainly helped me. My 1st bird of the year is down!!!! He answered calls for about 30 minutes and came into a field where I had 3 decoys set up. I had to move my shotgun to get the shot but luckily the bird had to cross a ditch to get closer. When his head went down I slowly moved the shotgun about 30 degrees and when he reappeared I waited for about 2 seconds and figured I should take the shot. 1 shot, 1 flap of the wings, 1 dead tom. 22 lbs, 10" beard and 1' spurs. Another gobbler came from about
  18. My SBE II was not drilled and tapped. I wanted to add a scope for turkey season so I took it to a gunsmith. BE WARNED the barrel is very hard steel. I guess Benelli wasn't joking when they talked about crio-hardening. The average gunsmith will pull their hair out drilling and tapping a SBE II. A few weeks and more money than I wanted to spend later I have a Burris Speed Dot installed. The gunsmith destroyed several carbide drill bits and two sets of taps.
  19. I picked up a camo version for myself and a co-worker a few weeks ago. I like it. I've never used red-dot scopes before, but it seems to work well. Has no magnification though. The camo was a dead on match for my co-workers SBE II camo. Natchez Shooter's Supply was the only place I could find the camo Spped Dot in stock. Good Luck, Chris .308
  20. 308


    Make sure you get a belt (wader belt) for your waders. This little helper may save your life if you ever go in the water a little too deep. If properly used, it should prevent water from flooding into your waders.
  21. Thanks for the tip texismedic1, I'll check them out.
  22. Does anyone recommend after market sights for turkey hunting and if so what brand? Thanks
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