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  1. Hey kazz I have shot just about every 3.5inch gun and ammo configuration on the market. If you have issues with the SBE2, you will have issues with all other3.5 inch as well. Some folks just cant shoot a 3.5 inch round. With the high performance ammo's these days you dont need to shoot these 3.5 inch loads for geese anyway. I would recommend you test some quality 3" waterfowl loads from Kent, Heavyshot etc WITH your hunting jacket/clothes that you will wear on the avg hunting day. As it relates to the marketing of Benelli it is not misleading if you are versed on the basics of recoi
  2. i would look at the 20 gauge cordoba as well. This is what my 5'2" 121lb wife shoots for all around shooting. The recoil is less than the M2 due to the porting. The shims and avaialbility of shorter/longer recoil pads makes it nice for her to shoot in a t shirt or with a heavy coat.
  3. badger barrels have them on thier website for about 219 bucks
  4. federal barnes expanders. the 3/4oz was the best for me. The 1oz where still very good. My gun seems to like the higer velocity ammo over 1700fps
  5. according to customer service, the diamond hunter is made in the benelli factory for Franchi. it was based from the old 912 format.
  6. I have the same problem. 6'3". I bought the stock insert from Brownells and it works great with a limb saver pad. My cheek was pinching as well. I now have a 15.75" LOP on my SBE2. I hope Benelli comes up with a longer gel pad as well. I would like to have the manufactures pad on my gun. Hello Benelli!! Anyone out there? Sign me up for the first extra long pad. My credit card # is 123 1234 1234 XXXX.
  7. the pistol grip stock will not accept a recoil reducer.
  8. ben dover

    M2 or Cordoba?

    The porting in the cordoba reduces recoil slightly as well as gives you better follow up shots after a miss or for a second-third bird by allowing you to get back on target faster. (less muzzle flip) The external tubes are nice for Trap as well if you shoot 16's then onto a handicap of say 25+ but you can buy externals for an M 2 as well
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