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  1. benelli sbe II + patternmaster= awesome, it's a great gun no regrets with my purchase.
  2. I've never had my primos tube come loose on me yet, I always check after every shot no matter what choke i'm using, force of habbit i guess. As for cleaning it you should clean any choke you use after every outting, that's what i do. The primos decoy choke doesn't use the restricting teeth to catch the wad, i think it's only the "pass" tube that uses that system. Patternmaster uses the wad restriction as well and i've never had any problems with things getting stuck or caught in the teeth. I'm yet to have the performance drop off of any of my tubes yet and many shots have been run through them
  3. I beleive if you farm and own the land you should be able to do what ever you like to it, even to benifit your waterfowl shooting. If your farming fields strictly for the use of flooding and then hunting and you have no other fields intended for public or personal food production yeilds, then yes i think there should be some sorte of hunting restrictions applied or taxation maybe. Sometimes flooding certain fields can divert the birds and keep them from eating certain local crops. It's a tough one but flooding of fields can account for a lot of wing shooting for some people. At least the peo
  4. I also shoot a benelli sbe II, I've used the terror .655 and the .675 and didn't like them at all. The .675 performed alright with heavy shot but not very well with steel shot. The .655 is a good choke for turkey, it shoots really tight with lead and other non-tox shot but with steel not worth it. If you are willing to dish out the cash go with a patternmaster or a wadwizard, I currently use the patternmaster and love it and from time to time the primos dead zone "decoy" tube when I'm shooting just ducks. The primos is a good tube for the price and all around use, all in all your best bet is t
  5. I only took a few pictures this season but had many amazing hunts! These were all taken in Manitoba in early September and October. Local field of Snows.. Shortly after setting up my dad and I got our limits, it was a really quick afternoon hunt. This was my first limit of the year. Morning and afternoon hunt. This was my girlfriends first goose. Well hope the rest of you have or had a great season like i did! Next year i will take many more pictures. [ 12-06-2006, 12:14 AM: Message edited by: simpink ]
  6. you mean you guys don't have to keep your guns locked up and ammo stored safely and seperatly from the firearms?? I'm from Canada if you couldn't already tell from my question..heh.
  7. call up brownell's they will help you out!
  8. The benelli sbe II is a great gun, if your a serious waterfowler i highly recommend this gun. I bought mine for this years season and did tones of skeet shooting as well. I put well over 5,000 rounds through it this year and only had a couple jams. These jams only occured with the light loads but these types of things will happen with every gun from time to time. I've used a high quality pump and it's jammed on me before. All in all, the sbe II has no cycling issues and like tuker said if it does send it in and get a new one! I was using my gun in the snow, heavy rain, freezing rain and never
  9. Benelli SBE II with patternmaster, with 3.5" federal heavy high vel. BB's. Also winchester supreme high vel. BB's both in 1 1/2 oz. kills em' stone dead evertime. In the marsh when the ducks are in close tend to use any type of 3" #4 with Primos dead zone decoy choke or factory modified. Man i can't wait till next year!!
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