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  1. 86 nz bucks for a season licence. plus ammo . think thats the cheapest part of the exercise
  2. Anyone making the pilgrimage to NZ for our duck season opening 6.30am on satday the 7th may. All invited.
  3. vinceyboy

    SBE 1 O ring

    Thought that would get heads turning, am after a firing pin retaining pin oring. As i am not in the usa, does anyone no the specs on one eg diameter etc, material made out of etc, so i can go to a seal house in NZ and get one. Cheers
  4. vinceyboy

    wad wizard

    have just bought a wad wizard swat tube, was marked for optima and crio barrels, now question is can it fit the early model sbe?with the mobil tubes.Anyone help..any thanks
  5. vinceyboy

    whoo hoo

    Live in new zealand. the gateway to america.lol. funny thing is i live in greenbay aswell but in nz
  6. vinceyboy

    whoo hoo

    yeharr only 9 days to go
  7. vinceyboy

    whoo hoo

    Opening weekend just 3 weeks away, but reduced limits from 10 ducks per day to 6, wtf.
  8. vinceyboy

    5 shot vincis

    my bad ours are infact 6 shot.yeahar getting mine next week. STOP PRESS - THE BENELLI VINCI IS 6 SHOT! The buzz in the shot gunning world for 2010 has been the all new Benelli Vinci. In the US it cleaned up the NRA's 'Shotgun of the Year Award', and the recent launch in Europe has contributed to a shortage across the globe. It's popularity is due to a radical new design which effectively makes it lighter and therefore quicker to point and shoot, it has recoil reduction technology to compensate for the lightness, a new inertia action design which raises the bar for trouble free shooting, it's easy to clean, and is modular for ease of transportation. The modular Vinci design extends through to the Magazine, and as a world first, the Hunting & Fishing New Zealand Vinci's have been supplied with 6 shot capacity (5 in the mag + 1in the chamber). Hunting & Fishing New Zealand learned about the Vinci early on, and in fact we took a punt and placed an opening order back in June 2009. As it turned out this was a very lucky move as these were the only Vinci's Benelli was able to manufacture for this county's distributor, Beretta NZ, in time for the2010 hunting season. Caution: We are aware that competitors have parallel imported a small number of Benelli Vinci's from the USA. These are easy to distinguish as they will have a magazine capacity of only 3 shells. It's important to make this differentiation because parallel imported guns do not carry the Beretta NZ after sales warranty etc.
  9. vinceyboy

    5 shot vincis

    our ones come standard 5 shot, new model especially for nz market.
  10. vinceyboy

    5 shot vincis

    With a sbe and a xtrema 2 don't see the need for one.Its in our latest hunting and fishing mag, we have just had them released over here, later than everone else, but one has been circulating here since last april as a trial gun.
  11. vinceyboy

    5 shot vincis

    Apparantly we folk in nz are the first in the world to get the new 5 shot benelli vincis, 4+1.
  12. vinceyboy

    SBE 1

    I had a similar issue with mine and replaced the extractor claw and spring and works mint now..
  13. Some pics of our new zealand duckshooting
  14. Some pics of our new zealand duckshooting
  15. Some pics of our new zealand duckshooting
  16. vinceyboy

    Vinci ship date?

    Benelli finally listened and named a shotgun after me. C our comments all the way from little old NZ do make a difference.
  17. Over here in nz i shoot fast steel , over half the price compared to that bc stuff. Fast steel seems to have more grunt than most of the shells we get over here. Its our duckshooting season at mo so from talking to others its the reccession proof shell.
  18. Have a look at some of my threads. try replacing the extractor claw if its had a bit of use, also check the recoil tube and spring and make sure its adaquately lubed. Good luck, and go the warriors.
  19. Ah yes, another season just finished here in good old new zealand, bagged 18 for the weekend two shy of the limit. But was a good last blast. Can't wait till next year, bring it on.:D
  20. Hey nolaboy do what i did and use your faulty benelli as a oar for your boat.
  21. Im glad i live in litttle old new zealand.
  22. Yip sure have.My sbe1 was famous for always jamming.After several years back and forth to the gun smith here in new zealand i decided enough was enough.Firstly i completlety stripped the gun and cleaned it.Result gun still jamming on 2 3/4 and 3 and 3/1/2 inch shells.Frustrating.Then i replace the extractor claw. Result gun still jamming occasionally.Last thing i did was take apart the recoil assembly and cleaned well.Still jamming.Took apart recoil assembly again but i accidently broke the small plunger at the back of the recoil rod, hence shortning the rod by some 5mm by not having the full length of the rod in their.The broken piece was no way able to be reatteached so i reassembled gun.But to my surprise the gun has not jammed since.Ive shot every shell you can think of and no jamming.Somehow i think the timing of my gun may have been out due to internal tolereances of my second hand gun.But im not complaining.I suggest you don't shorten the recoil stroke of your gun by accidently breaking the end of the rod.However im stoked mine is going.If i had had a new sbe i would have returned it to the shop.however mine was second hand at a good price so i had no option but to figure it out myself.
  23. vinceyboy

    Spam on Benelli

    Yip me too.Ive got nothing against religion, but if he sends me any more crap its the devil he will meet.
  24. Does the 3rd round stay wedged in postion or is it resting against the shell stop, when this problem occurs.Can you be a bit more in depth with the problem.
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