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  1. Dude i had the same prob with a maverick 88 pump.Problem was i wasn't pushing the last shell up far enough in the magazine and when pumping the spent shell was prematurly feeding through the new round.Another case is you might have a neglected shotgun, and need to regulate the shell stop. Good luck.
  2. Hey, over here in new zealand the m2000 has a following with novice shooters.Most the people ive talked to with one of these say that they wish they had bought something for a little more money and quality.Pesonally i think they are a cheap semi auto trying to live off the benelli name by using similair components.My advice buy a beretta entry level semi auto.If moneys no prob then the skys the limit.
  3. They sell these shotguns down here in new zealand.Not big following.Ive shot one and personally think you shouldnt waste your time.They are just a baikal relabeled by remington.Buy a 105i a much better gun.Owned several 1187's and never had a problem with them.
  4. My sbe has trouble shooting light loads as well.I have to shoot 1 1/8 ounce loads.Also the shells have to have a sharp edge for the extractor to grip.If i shoot shells with a rounded edge the extractor seems to ride over them.Have replaced extractor claw and spring.I think that judging by all the feedback on this site it seems that the sbe has a brain of it's own and some sbe shoot light loads eg 7/8 ounce, and some don't.Good luck.
  5. I think us kiwi boys were built tough.Dude forget what every one is telling you to do and just do what you think is right.If it's not the right choice you'll always get a good trade in price as long as you buy a respectable brand.not cheap crap.
  6. I have a sbe1 and a xtrema 2 without the ko.I can say that my benelli is not the most reliable gun out of the two, yet for some reason the recoil is less than that of its sister the xtrema 2.I was shooting 42 gram mini mags out of it and would have to say the benelli acutually felt nicer to shoot.Remembering that the xtrema i have does not have the kick off.I think too many young shooters focus on the recoil of the gun not the actual qualities they bring.Recoil should not be your greatest concern when buying a gun, the fit of the gun is more important.And you say you are 15 so Youll grow to exccept recoil.Its part of shooting.Either way you can't go wrong.Yet i personally think that the xtrema is a better gun.Yet youll have to decide what you want out of it.I think youd be better off buying second hand untill you get more confident with a shotgun.
  7. Welcome to the club of expensive unreliable shotguns.
  8. A 1/2 choke is all you need.If you want more spread, then cut the barrel down with a drop saw.Works well on possums.
  9. I tried kent fast steel, with no luck.Alot of people have told me that the fast steel has a round egde on the hull and hence the black eagle seems not to grab the shell positvely.
  10. Tried using remington 3" 1 1/4 once loads of steel.Seemed to cycle ok for now.Have bought some federal steel 3" to try.What is a good reliable load to use for duckshooting.Please give us some feedback on suggested loads and reliable ones thanks.
  11. I brought it for $500nzd which is about $35****.**** it would cost me at least that to send it back and then cost of fixing etc.Not worth the cash would rather try and remedy problem myself.by trial and error.If that doest work then i can use it on my duck boat for a spare oar.
  12. Bought it second hand.Is it still under warranty,or is it only valid for the original purchaser.
  13. Ive tried a number of different types of shells 2 3/4 to 3 1/2 inch all different and just about every manufacture you can think of. loads up to 42 gram 2 3/4 mini mags.This gun seems to have a mind of its own.if some one can assist with helpfull information would be appreciated.
  14. vinceyboy

    SBE problem

    i also have a sbe 1 have had so many problems with it ejecting and reloading new shells.Have had it looked at so many times,seems no one in little nz is competant enough to fix it.So have started to have a go myself.Check that the ejector claw is in good nik and the spring has plenty of pressure.Make sure no flat spots on the cam pin.Ensure the recoil assembly in the stock is adequately clean and lubed.seems like their is alot of people out there with dodgy ones.try using 3 dram plus loads.Mine seems to work ok with 36 gram plus loads, yet not 100% or even near reliable enough to even think about taking out duckshooting.I dont dislike benellis yet my xtrema 2 shows it up every time.
  15. is this a common problem
  16. replaced cam, extractor claw and cleaned up any sharp edges present.he test fired it and said it was sweet.but field tested and same probs.murphys law i suppose.
  17. my sbe 1 seems to jam quite regualry, the spent cartridge is either left in the chamber and not extracted or another new round is doubled up behind it.Have had gunsmith look at it for two years, still prob persists.My last resort is to put it under my dropsaw.
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