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  1. People like to see conflict, strife, and suffering of others. It's an inate human trait. I think there's some truth to the sayings that people watch hockey for the fights and car races for the crashes. People don't want to publicly admit such things as they are stigmatized. But, we are curious of other's deaths, and sufferings, because we have experienced such things ourselves in each of our lives, and because we know the feeling so closely and don't want to feel them, we closely watch others who are going through them. It's a spectacle. Like the lions attacking people in the forum.
  2. Sometimes I wonder why people don't stick around, and sometimes I wonder why this forum is sooo slow. Many times, the answer is right before me.
  3. I have two best friends. Quality of friendship, not quantity has always been my determinate of friends. After all, you don't want a million friends who won't give their lives for yours. Go pick you up in Vegas after a three am call with not notice or you can spill your guts to knowing they won't judge you. The rest I call acquiantences. Many people call people like these friends and throw that term around loosely. It takes quiet a bit to be my friend. Am I a very polarizing guy. People either love me or hate me. Best to find one true friend. That person who you can speak to about anything, be yourself, then to have many who aren't your true friends. I'm proud of having two very good and true friends. There will always be forums in which there are A holes and petty people who have poor impulse control and just react with some juvenile remark trying to alienate you for this or that. It goes all the way back to elementary school. They grew older, but never grew up. Grew in in terms of really maturing mentally. You know?!?! I see them as never capable of growing and always having to put someone else down in order to bolster themselves in some way. Why?.......... Because they are addressing some inate problem that was never resolved. I work in behavioural health and the ER and found from listening in to my patient's couseling that ALL anger is due to some form of hurt in the past. Feel sorry for them, for they know not what they do.
  4. Seems the Inertia system had some quirks, but not many. I unfortunately bought on reputation and got one that didn't work. Now, I bought the M4 on reputation and we'll see how this works. If there's trouble, this time, I'm sending it to Benelli. My fear of my old Rem 870 was not reliability but short shucking it under stress. Which, I have done. Hate to hear a click when you really want a boom.
  5. Just curious, what was your particular jamming problem? FTF, FTE, etc? My Benelli had that problem but I didn't want to hassle with a repair and sold it off for someone else to deal with (they were informed). I left Benelli then came back after I got the M4. Good luck with yours.
  6. The best one is the Mesa Tactical one. It replaces the Benelli rail. You can get it in 4 or six shot. It is ALL aluminum and parkerized or phosphatized. It is part number 90880. You will get it in two days if ordered from them and talk to the owner usually. I can send a cell phone pic, but have no digital camera. Let me know if you want a pic. YOUR SHOTGUN IS AN EXPENSIVE, HIGH QUALITY PIECE OF KIT. DO NOT PUT A CRAPPY RAIL ON IT.
  7. I agree with 20ga, in any shotty that will fit her well. All you need is one gun that she shoots well. Now you're throwing out a lot of lead in the air.
  8. Yes, there is absolute truth to this. Even Benelli recommends against it. The increased weight hinders the inertia based recoiling system from doing its job. This is one of the reasons the military didn't use the gun. They wanted to mount sights, lasers, shot shell holders on the gun. The lighter the object, the easier it is to move, and thus, the easier it is for the Inertia system to do its job. When weighed down, the gun was prone to be more stabe, but difficult for the system to cycle a shell. You need some movement. A way to get the gun not to cycle is to back up the butt against the wall and fire it.
  9. I don't have that combo, but I did have the Mesa tactical side saddle. I can only say good things about the owner and the company. Be sure you get their neat Mesa tactical guy decal. My M1 did have cycling problems. The facory said to remove all accessories, which I did and it still had cycling problems. I probably was the only guy in SoCal that had a Benelli that didn't cycle. No one could diagnose and fix the problem. I left Benelli in the dust and stayed with my Rem 870. Now that the Benelli M4 has come out with the gas system. I am back with Benelli and putting on the side saddle.
  10. I always abide by the philosophy and saying of buy the best you can the first time. Upgrading usually costs more. I didn't click on the link, but if it's a sight for the shotty, I'd go with the EOtech. Buy once, cry once.
  11. ERdept

    M4 Light options

    The BT rail is about $350, the Surefire is about $220. The surefire is the M 80. Non on the Surfire site at this moment, but they have it. Im getting that with the Verticle grip light. Thanks for the input.
  12. They're extremely powerful. Only ammo the use to bust down locks and door hinges. Slugs can be used safely to 75 yards. They have ove 1000 foot pounds of energy. I bet you can use it on a Moose or Elk, but well placed and within a certain range.
  13. ERdept

    FS: M4 Barrel

    What do you mean by "low recoil" barrel? Does this barrel lower recoil over the stock shotgun? If so, how does it do this. Or, do you mean, that for some reason, it can fire low recoil shells and still cycle? Again, How does it do this?
  14. As I said, to ask a specific qeustion about the Benelli shotgun that I have. I try to base my actions on logic. And logically, it makes sense to go to the bee hive of Benelli to answer a Benelli question, because there are mostly Benelli afficianados here. Again, once the quesiton is answered, then I need a more general forum on shotgun as I have and old over and under 16ga, the Benelli, and two more shottys, one a tactical and another a Berreta sporting. The general forum is for more general talk, not just about Benelli's but garners input from a larger audience. That audience being comprised of Remy, Mossberg, Berretta, Benelli, Browning, Parazzi, etc. shotgunners.
  15. +1 Also, there seems to be only this forum that is geared toward a specific shotgun I have. Once my question is answered, then I really don't have any other questions about the firearm. I move to a more general forum, like a "shotgun" forum, instead of a Benelli forum, or a tacitcal forum instead of a AR or bolt action forum. The very specific forums don't have enough traffic to keep up good times. and that's the truth brother.
  16. ERdept

    M4 Light options

    What about mount options. Seems Surefire won't make a fore end light for it. How are you guys mounting lights then? ALL my shottys had surefire fore ends with the light intergrated.
  17. ERdept

    M4 Light options

    What lighting options are most of you guys using for your M4's? My first Benelli had cycling issues due to accessory weight sensitivity. This is one of the reasons I got and M4.
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