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  1. YOWZER! I guess that's what they go for.
  2. Seems like a lot of money. I remember paying about $1500 for mine. Does the collapsable stock make it that much higher?
  3. I sticks out about 1/4 inch. The shadow makes it look much longer.
  4. I took to the previously submitted idea of chopping the stock, filling it with Marine Tex and puttin on a new pad. This is a work in progress, so it's rough now. The white styrofoam are dams I cut to contain the Marine Tex putty. Next step is to sand down to a half inch ahead of the bolt.
  5. I took this idea directly from another member who drilled and tapped his release button. I bought an Ed Brown 1911 large mag release button and drilled and tapped the button.....
  6. Where is this rail made? Do you have pics of different views of it. And yes, isn't the whole works heavy?
  7. ERdept

    Nova vs Rem 870

    I know that the Remmy 870P, the police model that goes through a special assembly line to make it superior to the standard 870's is much beloved and used in the field of law enforcement. But my question is, how does this old favorite stack up next to the Nova? I'd like pro's and cons on each gun. I'm looking for a second 12g that's not gas operated. So NOVA or 870?
  8. ERdept

    M4 Bolt Face Wear

    In my twisted world. I'd say use it and abuse it like a cheap hooker.
  9. ERdept

    Mood lighting

    If I was on a budget, Surfire L4, digital LED, with a cheap clamp. If I had more money, Surefire vertical grip on their rail. or if you don't like vertical grip lights, get the rail and mount their handgun light on it.
  10. So, if you don't do all that stuff, and you're an average guy, an adjustable stock wouldn't be any help at all, even if it helps to shoulder and fit the gun more quickly? I remember many complaints and two threads on here asking how to chop the buttstock down because it's long. But, I suppose an adjustable stock just won't help because we're not fast roping and wearing armor.
  11. I think there's a place to shoot, that has fitting as well. It's called Triple B's. Shooting range, Instruction, sales, and fitting. http://www.triplebclays.com/
  12. OK, Thanks guys for all the info.
  13. http://www.opticsplanet.net/picture-1-surefire-picatinny-rail-system-m80.html http://www.opticsplanet.net/surefire-picatinny-rail-system-m80.html
  14. Socom guy. Still happy with my extension. Gets lots of questions too and stares. I feel it's the most functional thing I've done to it besides the larger charge handle. Glad this has turned into a cottage industry for you. Anyone on the fence, just buy it. Buy once, cry once.
  15. I have the Surefire aluminum rail. No problems. Only thing I don't like is that it's slightly large for my hands. So with the rail covers and paddle switch,etc. it's a lot. But in all very functional and gets lots of commentary at the range and from the people I shoot at. he he
  16. +1 I got mine from a member here.
  17. Glock talk is the best. But watch out for the newby attack. If you ask stupid stuff that the est. members have been asked one million times or stuff that is common sesnse, they jump down your throat.
  18. ERdept

    gun oil

    The two best are CLP which is petrolium based, will catch fire and not work well near freezing. and EEZOX, which is also a cleaner, lube, protectant, but is synthetic, won't gun in freezing and is not even flammable.
  19. I have she Surefire aluminum 3 rail that replaces the factory foreend. Works perfectly and looks bad ass. I have a surfure light underneath and a light activator pad on the side. The other rails are covered with the thin AR-15 rubber rail covers so they dont' cut. I recommend it.
  20. I have nordic. Their stuff works well, but moreover it looks bas ass.
  21. The light loads are the low wall # 7 shot that the range requires. As far as the assumption that a person buys a "hard shooting" gun and wants to fire light loads, that person is well, in nice terms very assumptive. But my first reaction is what an idiot. I have full power buck that I fire. No problem as stated in my post. I HAVE to shoot light loads at the range. More details on the manners is that it fires a few rounds, about three, but at times more and at times less. When the problem occurs, the fired round will not eject. It short cycles the action/bolt. Then I must re-cycle the bolt to eject the fired round to get a fresh one in and continue shooting. Again, my question is, is there any way to make it cycle lighter loads. The most helpful post so far has been to clean out the recoil spring tube and grease and polish it out. I need more options though. My closest range that allows full power loads is 40 miles away. The close range is 2 miles away, so you see the incentive.
  22. I had a Benelli M1, but it didn't cycle light loads. Sold it and used my 870. Held out hope for a Benelli, but didn't buy one till the M4 came out. Like the dual gas pistons that ensured cycling. But, it still cant' cycle light loads. That's the only thing the range will allow. Can anything be done to make it cycle lighter loads. It's fairly new with less then 400 rounds of full power buck. Will it cycle light loads as it wears and is there anything to do to make it cycle a wider range of loads?
  23. I have a Mesa Tactical 6 shot shell holder. It mounts in place of your stock B rail. I love it. Better to have and not need than to need and not have. I put the shells primer side down and have learned a quick reload from that position.
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