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  1. I changed my M4 rail to the Mesa rail. Is the Mesa's rail built to a more proper spec?
  2. So, I took off the stock rail and put on a Mesa side saddle with their rail. Though I has stubs and looks the same, is it indeed a better rail?
  3. I wen to the range with my cousin recently. I brought my AR and Benelli M4. But after I was done, walked over to where he was shooting and tried some clays. Boy was that fun, Now I've bought a shotgun for clays bustin' and MEC reloader. Just need to know where the best place TO BUY the clay pigeons is.
  4. Ask them when they'll get more ammo. They won't give you a specific day, but they've said to me, something to the effect, check back in two weeks, we'll get .223, or 12ga, or 9mm, etc. Then when that week arrives, I go there every day to "shop" and then pounce.
  5. HK: I did not look for the other shot you mentioned. I only dug into the pallet they had. It went fast I guess. One day it was as tall as me. The next day, it was at knee height.
  6. I had a Remy 1187 and i think it had rubber ones, but Brownells sold a silicone replacement. When you think about it, a car has a lot of rubber in the engine keeping heated parts working together.
  7. Uhhhhh, I think I stated why I was asking.
  8. Just curious about the O-rings on this thing, for curiosity's sake. Are the O-rings on the gas pistons composed of rubber or silicone?
  9. Want to sell the collapsable stock by itself? I call first dibs if you do.
  10. AMMO BROTHERS off the 605 and Alondra. They had a pallet of it 5 feet tall. I got 10 large white boxes containing 10 boxes of 5. OR Remington LE Buck. I've got over 1000rnds of that too. Both work well cause they pattern tight and have a lot of flight control features.
  11. I buy Federal Premium Law Enforcement, 2 3/4, 00 Buck.
  12. I used Slip on carbon and it worked better than EEZOX, but not as well as Butch's Bore shine. I hear good things about the spray in foam, Wipe Out and want to try this in the future.
  13. Yup. Was a remnant from a different pump shotty, but didn't want it lying around.
  14. Because it's unique looking and I like it. The grip is quite comfortable, right behind the light. The rail covers take away any chance of being gouged. Keeps hand placement the same.
  15. This is the exact set-up above. Surefire rail, X-300 light, remote paddle where my left hand sits on the rail........
  16. Some more options......... https://www.brownells.com/aspx/ns/store/ProductDetail.aspx?p=27250&title=SHOTGUN%20TRI-RAIL%20ACCESSORY%20MOUNT My cousin has this on his Benelli M1 and swears by it... https://www.brownells.com/aspx/ns/store/ProductDetail.aspx?p=1537&title=TACTICAL%20SHOTGUN%20MOUNT If there is no link, then copy paste to your browser.
  17. My LOP from your criteria for measure is 12.5 inches. After your question, I started to measure my AR and Surgeon rifle out of curiosity..... AR=13.5 Surgeon=14.5 Interesting how they came out randomly or not so ramdomly to match the ranges each one was geared towards. Shotgun to rifle/close to far.
  18. I can guide you through it, but to pay me is not the point as a hundred buck or more won't change my life. See my post below for the mods I made. I'll post a picture of the whole gun too. More importantly, if I did it, and the job didn't come out right, I owe you a new stock. If the Marine Tex adhesive, and beleive me, I did a LOT of research before I chopped. If it delaminated, I owe you a new stock. I just don't feel comfortable in doing it because of the potential I have to buy you a new one if there was a F-up. BUT, I will guide anyone who wants to, through how to do it and all the tricks and details.
  19. Uhhhh, I've ALWAYS heard that springs wear from compression and release. The constant movement is what wears them and breaks them. A spring even under compression does not wear out. It's the constant movement. Like bending a piece of metal back and forth, it weakens and breaks. A few dry fires prior to storage won't do any harm. But I believe constant practice dry firing may enlarge the firing pin hole cause it has no resistance from a primer and may go to it's fullest travel.
  20. Thank you. If you don't have a belt sander, to sand and shape the pad and spacer, then you could carefully use a sanding disc and your drill, or even a dremel, but that would take approximately 78 million hours.
  21. Can you measure yours and post the length to see how much I lost. I forgot to do an inital measure before i did the work.
  22. For those of you that like a shorter buttstock on the M4. I took a cue from previous pioneers in this task and did the same thing, but my way. The following thread showed the buttstock cut in a miter box, then some thin pieces of foam were made to conform to the inner stock shape and served as dams. The two sides of the stock were filled with Marine Tex putty and then allowed to dry, then sanded.......... http://www.benelliusa.com/forum/showthread.php?t=18699&highlight=ERdept Here it is completed, total length about 36.5 inches, tape you see is unstretched cause I'm holding the camera and tape with hands, and foot at the bottom.......
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