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  1. Dude, Just buy a heat gun and a strap wrench. It will come off and you'll be the happier for it, plus have more capacity in the event the zombies attack. Everyone knows it's very difficult to fend off a zombie attack with the limited small magazine.
  2. I remember in youth, I'd do a LOT of crazy things. This seems like one of the easiet of a calculated risk, to pretend to trip and fall and discharge a weapon in order to get publicity or, now-a-day, money for a candid video. So I can forsee people pulling a prank easily from doing things like this in the past.
  3. This video expresses my sentiments on birdshot for home defense............... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ytTompmRE-8&feature=related
  4. I never used the loctite at all. Works fine.
  5. ERdept

    SBE2 & Nasty Kick

    Before I got my Gas M4 and had my old Benelli, M2, I was told before I bought it that it was going to kick more because it was a intertia or recoil driven gun. And it did kick more. So, generally you have to suck it up and get used to it. If you don't want to get used to it then the only way to go is a gas gun like the Rem 1187. It's heavy, all steel, and gas operated. You can also put in a recoil reducer and decelerator pad or Knox comp stock and porting. What I has on my old gas gun was the Knox comp stock, look at their website, very amazing vid of on hand shotgun firing. It works. Then mine was ported on top of that.
  6. We all friends now?! Shake on it and let's get going.........
  7. You didnt' want to penetrate the intruder? I could go somewhere with that, but it would violate the rules.
  8. Mmmmm Ooo kaaay. They all wear, you know. They will all take a scratch if a screw driver hit them, and they all wear at wear points and will show metal in time.
  9. ERdept

    Eotech... mount?

    Well, just so you know, with Iron sights at 50 yards, you can put a slug right into the face of a standard B 27 silhouette
  10. Anodized is good IF it's type III hard anodized. Very resileint. But standard anodize is not durable.
  11. ERdept

    Eotech... mount?

    ditto, only reason for it is to shoot slugs at deer at distance.
  12. All tricked except for the Valmet. There's a mod on something. I can't stand anything stock and feel it all need improving. Can't let a sleeping dog lay.
  13. Benelli M4, of course. SW 625 SW 10 Air Arms, .22 pellet rifle Glock 17 AR 15 with LWRC gas piston upper Surgeon Scalpel, .308 NAA mini revolver Valmet O/U 16 ga. Rem 870
  14. SRM, 2 shot extension for sale for just $20.
  15. ERdept

    Eotech... mount?

    I think the 552 is the wrong one because it's for .223 and has the reticle for that cal. I think. What you need is just the red dot or the ring. I also believe that the EOtech just clamps on to the rail.
  16. I don't know that Mesa makes an 8 shot side saddle for the M4. I only have a 6 shot and know of the 4 shot on the side of the buttstock.
  17. Nice! When each of my guns is complete, sounds wierd, but I feel more complete as a person, probably just because goals are met. Mine has Surefire rail, Surfire X300 light, remote switch, Mesa side saddle, Nordic barrel clamp, SRM 2 shot extension, Titanium large charge handle on bolt, hard chromed both gas pistons. That goal can be anything, but I have made some of my important ones the completion of a gun, the way I want it. Good on you. http://www.cellblock.com:80/gallery/DouRITUMkNaIJPkJgzPE-2.jpg
  18. I have a SRM two shot extension with follower if you want for price of shipping. I had it hard anodized for $150 in addition to the $99 I bougt it for. Comes with aluminum follower and coupler, no spring. Anyway, I got the two shot and was happy with it, it just has the coupler which makes the look cluttered. Also, if you couple it wrong and there's a gap, the lip of a shell in the tube can get caught in it. You just hit it to get it unstuck. Longer is better for those two reasons. Plus looks like part of the original weapon, not an add on.
  19. How tightly should the tube be turned? Like an oil filter, hand tighten then a 1/4 turn more, or what?
  20. Anyone want a SRM 2 shot tube for $20. I hard anodized it which cost me $150, but then bought the full length one offered by a memeber. Comes with red aluminum follower.
  21. I got my M4's dual gas pistons thin film hard chromed by Techplate in Anaheim, CA. I'd like to post pics of it but only have cell phone pics. Can anyone help me post pics of this?
  22. ERdept

    M4 Choke Tubes?

    Also, is there aftermarket makers of Benelli chokes. I'm just looking for cylinder/open choke.
  23. ERdept

    M4 Choke Tubes?

    What's the best place to get the chokes tubes... #'s
  24. nytrillium extreme shock is BS. Do some extensive research on it. The name alone is a liability. A lot of marketing hype here. Some fall victim to it, some don't. Nytryllium is not even a element or compound. It's something they made up in addition to the black guy they created in their advertising. The whole company is based on deceptiveness. If it worked well, the FBI, and SWAT and many shooter and gun writers would switch over. It CANNOT perform as well as the other established JHP's on the market. Please don't be a victim of they hype. There's a website out there called "The box 'O truth" that fires all kinds of ammo into dry wall, water jugs and ballistic gelitan. Very intereting results for all kinds of calibers, but their take on these rounds is paraphrased below.... 2. Claim: They are supposed to be able to penetrate a bad guy enough to be effective Stoppers. Findings: Both the Fang Face and Air Freedom rounds only fully penetrated 1 jug and slightly entered the second jug. This is equilivant of 3 or 4 inches of penetration in ballistic gelatin. Some experts have doubts that this is enough penetration to reach the vital organs of a bad guy. Splash, I have no bad blood with you, only the common link of gun ownership. Please use proven rounds man. I'm not arguing with you, just trying to help. Sometimes people dogmatically believe something and one announced, cannot waiver, even in the face of insurmountabe evidence, because their ego and credibility are at stake. That was me in the past. There are proven stoppers that work and are cheaper, and allow you to save money for practice rounds and drills. As stated in Box O Truth, the mechanical skills of a shotgun and placement are more important than the round granted you stick to those proven rounds. I have short shucked many 870's in stress training. I wished I did more drills in the end. Anyway, a few inches of penetration, if that with the hype'd round, because you have people wearing heavy clothing may allow that person who thinks he's still in the fight after surviving a shotgun blast to rush you and try to take it away.
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