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  1. When that happens, I have, thoughout the years, been thankful for my Dremel tool. I would gradually take my grinding bit and shave down the offending side. I mark with some powder and fit the pieces. Whichever piece has powder contact, then I grind that down. I finish with Aluminum blue or Oxpho blue. I have done this with many parts. A manufacturer can't be perfect. This is not aerospace. I did this recently with my Surfire M80 aluminum foreend rail.
  2. ERdept

    good stuff/pic

    Sniper shotgun! Im sure it may help if you're afflicted with the shakes.
  3. ERdept

    yummy Benelli pic

    I like third from top. thanks for the pic.
  4. I oil the outside with a light coat. Takes of the finger prints, which is corrosive and may start the process of surface rust. Plus, makes it look clean and bad azz.
  5. My mods are as follows: Socom guy mag tube Wolf universal shotgun magazine spring PMT large bolt handle Mesa 6 shot side saddle Nordic components barrel band clamp Surefire M80 rail forend Sure X 300 light with paddle switch. Duggan: The large release pad. Is that just a drill and tap?
  6. interesing to see the future of my machine. Thanks
  7. This is fake because you cannot own guns in new york. j/k
  8. ERdept

    What is CLP???

    Another good one is EEZOX. This is non flammable, whereas CLP is. Also it is NOT petroleum bases, whereas CLP is. Rated better in rust prevention.
  9. ERdept

    What is CLP???

    Do you mean the Cleaner, Lubricant, Protectant, called Break Free, CLP?
  10. I always use Nordic Compenents. http://www.cactustactical.com/osc/shotgun-accessories-c-412_458.html?osCsid=a65cb3d3f092420e844737ce1d37ba7f
  11. ERdept


    Nice. Is that laser engraving?
  12. I always do a quick clean before as a part of pre-firing inspection. Just to make sure it's all together and intact.
  13. I think it's a good idea to seperate the sporting use of the Benelli vs the Tactical Benelli.
  14. +1 But if you want my 2 round extension, you can have it for shipping cost. $10 It's the tw round tube, an spring and the coupler. I had the tube type III hard anodized, cause the original finish was BS.
  15. It's usually for gloved hand work. Hard to find a small safety when you have gloves on for the cold and are under stress. The enlarged safetys protrude a lot more so you can index it with your gloved finger easily. There is a noticible difference once you try a gun with the large safety vs none, WITH GLOVED HANDS. Had one on my old Benelli and Rem 870, but cannot find one for the M4. Otherwise, the stock safety, I agree, it's easy to index with you fingers.
  16. NOOOO! They were here last week. How do you know?!?!?! Did you send them? I cannot stand the restraints again, being in isolation, the injections, the electro convulsive thereapy, or my psychiatrist.
  17. I doubt the stock spring would ever have an issue. That's the problem. Im battling my logical mind vs. my paranoid and instant gratification mind.
  18. Just wanted to say that I got the tube. I'm happy with the fit to the reciever. It's tight with the blue loctite applied, but fit perfectly once I used two hands and muscled it past the binding point. The finish is perfect. Happy that it's made with quality materials. Functions fine. I added the Wolf universal shotgun spring to it, and cut out 4 coils. Stiffer than stock, by a hair, but will compress onced used often. Thank you for making these and the service you provide.
  19. What are you doing with a shorty barrel? Entrys? Dont' you have to get NFA cert for this since this is a Title II weapon with a barrel less than 18 inches?
  20. Reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where the girl walks in on George after a cold shower and see's, well......... Shrinkage. he he Anyway, I went to the Wolf Spring site and bought their universal shotgun spring and cut out about 4 inches. Then inserted and fired. Worked well. Now I have taken care of my unfounded paranoia of the stock spring failing. It's all done for the satisfaction of my mind, more than the performance gain acquired.
  21. If anyone is near Long Beach, CA and need to have their mag tube removed, I'll do it for them. I have a truck with a power socket in the back, and can meet you somewhere to remove the tube. Just pay me for lunch. The camper shell should hide all signs of illicit activity. he he eh. My moving sniping platform.
  22. ERdept

    trigger pull

    It's hard, but meant to be some effort to pull, cuase it's combat gun. Most military arms have bad trigger pulls. Guess they don't want a hair trigger when adrenaline is flooding the body.
  23. We may have our differences in opinions, but we're all gunners and must stick together. Gun people are some of the best folks that I know. It's the small minority of idiots that make the rest look bad.
  24. Are you local to Socal? If you are, I'll just remove the mag tube for you.
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