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  1. http://davesmetalworks.com/ben12.htm i have the 7+1 on my M2T. it's flush with the barrel.
  2. There is a 3-round restriction that covers migratory game birds (waterfowl and some others) & is a federal restriction. It's not worth the trouble or expense to hunt w/o the plugs installed.
  3. darkjedi351

    Knife Ban

    and so it begins....
  4. yea 25. it must be heavy and take a hella of a long time to fully reload
  5. Thanks creeper. i don't plan on putting a sight on it but i've read (here) that mounts can pop off of the rails like on the m4. have you had any problems? thanks
  6. Fair enough. candy caning slugs and 00 is the best ticket for my situation. That's what's so great about shotguns. the versatility of using different ammo. I can start with a #7, then 4-00 buck and then 2-slugs. gotta love it!
  7. i just did a quick google search and it's either sold out or listed as a seasonal item. yea 50 yards is pushing it. i usually have 00 for my 1st 3 shells and the rest in the tube are slugs. i figure i'll get them in the door way and blast them as they run away but i'm out in the boonies on farm land.
  8. i hope you can locate some #1 buck. check this quote. Peter Capstick said this about buckshot selection in Death in the Dark Continent Quote: "I would like to mention one very important factor in choosing a buckshot load for dangerous game, and that concerns shot size selection. Most people would automatically pick 00 buck simply becuause it's so well know through TV westerns. In fact, the 12-pellet 12-gauge "baby magnum" load of 00 is considerably inferior to the same maximum powder loading of small NO. 1 buckshot in the same shell. The difference lies in the simple and astonishi
  9. Why are you knocking being 23? I think that ageism in this case is ad hominum. i'm not trying to attack you. i just don't think you should be so quick to disagree with someone that's almost 3 times your age. I have a 20yr old daughter who thinks she knows it all too and is quick to disregard a little wisdom from time to time. always so quick to grow up but when you get older you'll say it's just a number. 1100 were the sh*t when i was growing up but yea you had to change barrels for magnum and non mag shells. that's as long as you had a magnum receiver. it was mainly about what w
  10. aint nothing wrong with a 20ga. i still hunt dove with a 20. if you want the lightest 12 ga. check out the ultra light. you may have to trim the buttstock but i think it's the lightest bird gun out there.
  11. i didn't say down for the count but if will knock him on his butt. I have no problem using buckshot, people just need to be cautious when using it in closely populated areas.
  12. you are so right gene. having shot 1100's since i was 12 for dove, duck, pheasant and trap i know what your talking about. you couldn't shoot light loads in a magnum receiver so you had to get a 2.75 barrel but you needed the mag for the big birds. it's just the way it was back then. unless you wanted a pump gun. you're getting in a pissing match with a 23 yr old kid who just bought the best combat shotgun available but doesn't have a clue about other shotguns that have been around longer than he's been alive. can't blame him for loving the m4 though.
  13. anybody using or used one of these? how the fit and finish? are the rails all jacked up and out of spec? any other options out there? i'm looking at one for my m2 mainly for the side saddle but any input is appreciated. thanks
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