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  1. The first time out I had a few issues with light loads but once the gun had some rounds down it I've not had a problem since. I've mag dumped Federal LE low recoil which is only 1145fps without issue and have run enough through my M4 to be comfortable with it as my self defense load. I would suggest not getting discourage if it's picky to begin with and see how it performs once it's done some work.
  2. Sorry if this has been discussed previously. TTI is too short a phrase to search and any words I add to it returns a lot of unrelated results. I've read a couple early reviews where the TTI design had some issues with heavier slugs and had to be modified. It looks like they may have made some changes since then so I was wondering if anyone had found reliability issues with heavier slugs or other types of rounds? I have an M4. The specific slugs I am wondering about are Brenneke Black Magic 3" 602grs ~1.38oz (you know, in case I ever need to stop a Cadillac). Considering the TTI to reduce chances of thumb damage, especially while practicing to get faster with reloads.
  3. My father has always been an elite athlete and continued to play basketball with college age students until he turned 70. He was also a crack shot with a rifle - my memories are of him shooting crows on the fly with a .22. So I was surprised when he asked me to show him how to shoot a semi-auto pistol he received as a gift and he really struggled with it. He didn't catch on quickly and shot very poorly (anticipation, no follow through). Afterwards he also admitted to starting to loose some dexterity in his fingers. He's never owned a shotgun but I'm thinking it would be a better home defense solution for him than a pistol. I believe simplicity is the most important factor. I had intended to get him a basic pump but am now wondering if a semi-auto would be better? Your opinions?
  4. Use it to open a locked bathroom door. It'd be the last time a teenager does that! I probably shouldn't joke, some moron may try it.
  5. Even when my M4 was having some issues with light bird shot it would cycle the low recoil flite control LE132 without any problems. I've used both 8 pellet LE133 and 9 pellet LE132 and get the same number of rounds in the tube, both before and after adding the extended tube.
  6. Received an e-mail from Botach that their Bemelli M4 accessories are on sale. The disclaimer is that I haven't price checked the items and what they have is very limited, but it's rare to see M4 stuff on sale so I thought I'd post it. I have bought M1A accessories from them and been pleased with the price/free shipping - never interacted with anything but their web site so I can't speak to service. http://www.botach.com/categories/firearm-accessories/gun-accessories-for-benelli-shotguns.html
  7. Closing the loop - they shorted the refund by 35.74. Basically the original shipping -$.01. About a month ago (11/13) they said they would send a check for $35.74 but haven't responded since. I guess I should stop holding my breath now. We'll see if the original check clears or not. Between weather and work, I haven't been back to the range but I'm planning to keep documenting the wear pattern on the Vinci. Seems like a small but interesting project.
  8. Most revealing to me though is the receiver shows no wear at all from the bolt handle [ATTACH=CONFIG]2350[/ATTACH] Now that I have experience with a new Benelli and re-examined after 200 rounds, I feel confident in stating the first gun was not only used but very heavily used. Until I observe the continuing wear patterns I can't guess at how many rounds had gone through the original gun but I'm expecting its a very large number. Some of y'all with more experience can probably make a reasonable guess. As far as shooting the new Vinci - we didn't do very well overall :-) but we weren't that serious about hitting them most of the day. At one station by buddy did hit both clays with one shot 3/4 tries so it wasn't the gun's fault we were missing a lot. The front sight kept coming loose. I have some medium Loctite 242 - would that be too much for the front sight? The lighter kick isn't as noticeable as I was hoping for BUT at the end of the day, I'm feeling a lot less worked over than after a day with an 1100. I think this is a combination of the comfortech and the lighter weight of the gun (less energy spent). Not being 100 degrees outside probably helped a lot too.
  9. Just got back from the range where we put 200rds of Herter's (aka Wolf) Field load through the new Vinci. So now I know what a new Vinci looks like and a slightly used Vinci looks like . . . I have no idea what the first gun must have gone through. Here's the bolt uncleaned after 200rds - slight wear pattern starting to emerge on the sharp edges. NO wear pattern on the body as the first gun had. [ATTACH=CONFIG]2345[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]2346[/ATTACH] The barrel mark did appear but only after shooting, it had not appeared after the original assembling/disassembling. [ATTACH=CONFIG]2347[/ATTACH] Here's the choke uncleaned after firing 200rds - look familiar? [ATTACH=CONFIG]2348[/ATTACH] Difference is, this choke whipped clean when the original wouldn't [ATTACH=CONFIG]2349[/ATTACH]
  10. Assembling the new Vinci the first time was tough! I eventually had to get out a vice to help mount the barrel. After 3-4 assemblies it loosened up enough to do just holding the stock between my knees. I've assembled somewhere around 12-15 times now and it keeps getting a little easier. I sat on the couch and cycled the bolt over 100 times to emulate a likely level of in store handling and removed/reinstalled it from the barrel a few dozen times. Below is a picture of the bolt after all that handling/cycling: [ATTACH=CONFIG]2343[/ATTACH] Here's the choke with the factory oil/grease on it [ATTACH=CONFIG]2344[/ATTACH] Even with all the torqueing I had to do to get the gun together the first time and the number of times I've assembled, there's no noticeable wear marks on the barrel. The other thing that really stood out is how light weight the factory oil is. The first gun was greased and not new grease like it had just been done. I'm not finding anything close to it from the factory, a lot of oil out of the box but very light weight oil. I'm heading to the range with a friend today to do a break in with standard loads then bust some skeet. I'll post the "after" pictures of the bolt.
  11. Never ending saga - UPS shows the return was received Tue 10/29. They sent an e-mail on Wed saying the refund would be mailed that day or the next. That same Wed. I bought a new Vinci on Gunbroker from an out of state dealer. That transaction is completed and I received the gun from my FFL yesterday. But have I received the refund? No, no I have not I e-mailed them today 11/8 asking when it was mailed and the response was "this week" They also said "FYI Distributor still standing buy initial report that gun is new, reselling in store as LNIB . . ." Unbelievable, there's nothing "Like New" about it.
  12. You're correct, after I posted I thought about that and tested it out. The surfire forend/light is almost heavy enough to cycle itself when the weapon is standing in the corner. I had to set it in so the friction of the wall would keep it up.
  13. Do you want them to shoot or just for the nostalgia? I like to shoot, so I'd sell at least one for a premium (high starting bid) and get the regular M4, make whatever changes you want and use it. You won't wonder about how much value you're losing every time you take it out.
  14. I don't have a Nova but will give some thoughts on the 870. I bought an 870 express tactical 7 shot for my wife as my M4 is heavy for her. I added the specops recoil reduction stock (was cheaper to add then buy the model w/ it installed). Everything you said about the 870 is true so I won't repeat. The only add is there are a ton of options avail for 870s also. 1. Deciding it's going to be an 870 only narrows it down to what, 30 models? 2. Most home defense/tactical are 18" barrels. Mine doesn't take chokes, so "gun games" are out. It's only purpose in life is close quarters home defense. Without something like skeet, even if you do training and take it to the range, I wouldn't expect to put thousands of rounds through it. It's fun to shoot but still doesn't have the "cool" factor of my M4 or speed so it's not getting that many rounds. I took it out last weekend with some Federal Premium LE. It was nice to shoot with the tacops stock. More of a push than a kick - not as soft as the M4 but the gun is not as heavy either. I was pleased. I don't like the bolt lock. Since it lives in the corner of the walk in closet, I don't like keeping a round in the chamber. That means my wife would need to work the little metal lever to release the bolt to cycle and chamber a round. I don't know what this is like on the Nova but I don't like it on the 870. [ATTACH=CONFIG]2319[/ATTACH]
  15. Benelli wouldn't tell me about the warranty registration (said those records were kept elsewhere) but did say two things: 1. The gun was originally sold to a dealer in Missouri in 2009 2. They really don't check the warranty registration for original owner when a gun comes in for repair, provided it doesn't appear abused. I'm shipping the gun back because it's the shortest path to ending this mess. If they delay returning the money, I'll file the mail fraud with the USPS.
  16. The links were added to the original post
  17. He's refusing to pay return shipping. The rest of the story: They were extremely slow responding. Took 4 days and 3 attempts by me just to get the total amount to pay them. I overnighted USPS money orders and then didn't hear from them for almost 2 weeks after they received the money. When they did contact me, they said the bank had held up the deposit for a week then they were out of town for a week (could have sent a e-mail anytime during that period). They did then overnight the gun so I could have it before my trip on Friday (arrived on Thur). When I got it home, I discovered the mess that is in the photos. He stated the gun was purchased for a raffle from a distributor (not sure why the raffle winner doesn't have the gun). It was disassembled and wiped down by him. He is still claiming the gun is new because his distributor wouldn't have given him a used gun. He is refusing to pay return shipping and depending on how you read his e-mail he may not refund the original shipping that I paid. Because he sat on the USPS Money Orders with no communications for two weeks, I wanted the refund check mailed before shipping back. He's refused to do that also. Technically, I could file mail fraud with the postal service. It would be a royal PIA and I believe I would need to actually prove the gun is not new (I would really need an expert to sign an affidavit giving their opinion - any experts in Dallas?). Knowing if the warranty card had been previously submitted could help. I wasn't able to reach Benelli before they closed today. It feels like they didn't get what they expected the auction to bring for a new gun so they've pushed all the limits including sending a used gun. If I didn't notice, then they got an extra $100 more than a used gun is worth. If I return it, they're out a little extra on shipping but that's less then they would have lost for selling a new gun at the auction price. That's all speculation but it's really hard to believe that someone who owns a gun shop thought that gun was new.
  18. Does anyone know how to check if a serial number has been registered with Benelli? I noticed the warranty card is not in the box.
  19. I will post the link to the auction and their shop's web site. But I don't want to post something connected to them before I get my money back first (selfish I know). Even though a gunbroker auction is a contract, and they contracted to sell a new gun, they're only offering a refund. The auction ended for about $200 less than Gander Mountain sells them for, about $100 more than I've seen used ones go for (albeit rarely have I seen a used one for sale).
  20. There is also grease in the barrel and receiver and on the screw sides of he choke. My M4 is the only other Benelli I've bought and I don't remember putting my finger in the barrel and getting grease or finding it on the choke tube but it's been years. I've e-mailed them for an explanation.
  21. [ATTACH=CONFIG]2307[/ATTACH] Bolt wear with something on edge of pin - maybe old grease? [ATTACH=CONFIG]2308[/ATTACH] Receiver wear [ATTACH=CONFIG]2309[/ATTACH] Small flakes keep showing up - they remind me of chips that come off an old Teflon pan [ATTACH=CONFIG]2310[/ATTACH] Dirt on follower [ATTACH=CONFIG]2312[/ATTACH] Fell out of bolt group - looks like a piece of hay or grass
  22. [ATTACH=CONFIG]2306[/ATTACH] Trying a larger file [ATTACH=CONFIG]2313[/ATTACH] One wipe inside barrel on breach end
  23. [ATTACH=CONFIG]2303[/ATTACH] Bolt wear [ATTACH=CONFIG]2304[/ATTACH] Choke tube [ATTACH=CONFIG]2305[/ATTACH] Barrel wear mark
  24. I bought what was described as a NIB Vinci on Gunbroker. I received it today and was planning to take it on a trip tomorrow BUT the gun shows some wear. I don't want to wrongly accuse someone if the wear could be explained by a gun that was on the shelf (people opening and closing the bolt) and then a bad cleaning job before shipping. Please give me your opinions if you have some experience with Vinci - this is my first one. I'm having trouble uploading the photos so I'm going to post this and try to add them to another post. http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.aspx?Item=366681765 Sellers website http://www.lgsny.com/ LiVencchi's Gun Sales North Collins, NY
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