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  1. Thank u for your info everyone but iam not an LEO and i do not have an FFL. In fact iam soon to be a CA resident. In other words Iam F***ed. I like the pic and thanks again.
  2. Want to buy 14inch barrel for my Benelli M4 model 11717, will it fit this model and were can i get one.
  3. Hey... thats my truck!!!
  4. I did hear that the BM-4 was made in the early days of the Benelli M4 and that it fits the M1014 models but not the 11707 or 11717's
  5. One thing you should think about is if u want to put a skeleton stock on your M4. The early model Benelli M4's with the rollmark L.E. have a different recoil tube that will either not except or fully collapse the skeleton type stock.
  6. Also there is a model of M4 that has an american flag on it too. I think that only 2500 M4 shotguns were imported with it.
  7. Iam not sure but i think the L.E. stands for limited edition and it comes in black also.
  8. It took my brother and i about one hour or so. It helped me to grind one side of the BM-4 at a time, then take that side and place it on the shotgun to check the spaceing. It was hard to see were the BM-4 needed to be grinded when both sides were on at the same time. When both sides were the same i fitted it on the shotgun nice and snug then tightend it down with the screws. The top rail of my bm-4 is slightley off center and a tiny bit high from the one on my M4.
  9. Thanks for the heads up!, but i think ive already been ****ed over. When i orderd my BM-4 i also ordered a UTG fore pistol grip for 15 bucks but it was not in stock so i didnt get it in with my order. I will have to check but they said my card was not charged for the grip.
  10. Ha Ha Ha....so thats were my CCO went.
  11. I just bought a BM-4 polymer 4 rail forearm a few weeks ago from Botachtactical. It did not come with any instructions for installation. I have a Benelli M4 model 11717(desert cammo) and i could not get the BM-4 to fit on properley. I found a link by ATT tactical that had instructions to modify the BM-4 so that it would fit on the M4. I followed the instructions and got the BM-4 to fit. The BM-4 fits really tight and took a good beating at the range. I used a fore pistol grip which gave my M4 great control and comfort when i shot some three inch oo buckshot. My fore pistol grip actually broke off the BM-4 after a few shots. After i was done at the range the BM-4 was still tight and was not damaged by the fore grip breaking off.
  12. picked up a Benelli collapsable stock +two shot extension for $925.00 on gun broker. three more going for about the same price without the extension.sellers market hope it helps give u an idea for selling price. one guy tried to sell one for $1200.00 but i think hes down to $900.00 now.good luck!
  13. Want to buy FAB polymer 4 rail handguard for my Benelli M4 for use with forepistol grip.Pros/cons what are your thoughts?
  14. Waltershumate2

    gun oil

    breakfree clp works the best.i use it alot
  15. new made within the last year or so should be model 11707 is black and 11717 is desert cammo.i just got a desert cammo 11717 on 2/22/09 it was fresh from the factory and came with the non collapsible stock,however the recoil spring tube excepted and fully collapsed my benelli factory collapsible stock.point is, older models m1014 and LE editions were made during some ban in which the recoil tubes could not except or fully collapse the skelotenized stocks.so u must have a current production model.it is my understanding that there is a federal law that makes it illegal to have the collapsible stock and two shot extension on together at the same time.so configure to your needs with one or the other.
  16. try to put the trigger group in before the bolt but make sure the hammer is cocked so that the bolt can drop right into place makeing sure it seats into the reciol spring grove and that the hammer rests in the space between the tail of the bolt behind the fireing pin
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