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  1. I would say the sheath is probably just to keep the barrel from getting scratched or rusting durring shipping. My Supernova barrel didn't have one, but was wrapped in some type of oily wax paper instead.
  2. I have both a Nova tactical, and a Supernova 28" vent rib barrel. The Nova has what may as well be a brick for a recoil pad. Supernova has a comfort tech stock. The Supenova gives a very slight reduction in felt recoil. Notice I say very slight. To be honest, the Nova dosen't hurt my sholder even when shooting slugs and 00 buckshot. Low brass birdshot is a non issue for either. For a while, I was planning on getting a new recoil pad for the Nova, due to the sore shoulder I was getting. Then I got the hang of shouldering it properly, and using a proper stance. Keep your strong arms elbo up so that your arm stays parallel with the ground. This forms a pocket in your shoulder and drastically reduces felt recoil. Pulling the shotgun back tight into that pocket and a proper cheak weld are also really important for reducing felt recoil. It takes practice to get this right. Once you do however, you'll be able to shoot either comfortably. I wound up keeping the brick on my Nova. For the record, I'm about 6'4" and roughly 180lb, so I don't have a heavily padded shoulder. I wouldn't worry about the recoil too much. Just give yourself time with whatever you buy to develop a proper technique, and 100 rounds of target loads won't even phase you. Good luck on your purchase.
  3. johnxd


    I just looked at my supernova. Mine's black, not camo, but that shouldn't matter. The barrel # is totally different than the reciever #. I'd say you might have gotten your original barrel back, but the idea that it might have been a replacement, rather than the refinished original might have some merrit as well. A call to the service dept. is probably the only way to know for sure.
  4. I never noticed that hapening on mine. Can you elaborate on what makes this happen?
  5. Where can I find $1.99 Winchester slugs? The cheapest I normally see are closer to $5.
  6. Second shotgun for home defense is really the only way to go with Benelli's due to the cost of conversion, as was previously mentioned. My home defense gun is a Benelli Nova 18.5" with ghost rings. It cost $399, so less than just the cost of the barrel by it's self. Also, the rear ghost ring sight will require a gunsmith to install properly on your receiver, and it's probably not the best option for shooting clays, because you no longer have an open site picture. The ghost rings are fantastic for their intended purpouse, but they are in my experience a hinderence for small flying targets such as clays. I can hit them with my Nova, but it's mostly just good for hand thrown, and therefor slow moving close range clays. I went ahead and got a Supernova with a 28" vent rib barrel, and a fiber optic front bead for clays, because of the cost/ practicality issues with converting my Nova for that purpous. It is pretty shocking how much Benelli barrels go for isn't it? Cheaper to get a whole new gun! BTW, I went with Benelli as opposed to one of the Remington or Mossberg combo field/ defense kits with the 2 barrels because the Benelli's fit me much better.
  7. I had some early issues with mine not extracting the spent shell from the chamber, but trying to feed the next one up from the mag, causing a jamb. That problem seems to have resolved it's self however. Haven't had it happen in a while. It is also possible that I was being to gentile when racking the slide, but either way, everything seems fine now in my Nova. My Supernova now has just over 100 shells through it, with no problems of any kind.
  8. I was just told about a range close by that specializes in trap shooting. Suposedly it even has lights for shooting in the evening. Depending on how things go, I might try to make my way over there for the trap shoot Friday night or Sunday. What sort of targets do you use for patterning birdshot? Just some pieces of paper stapled together?
  9. They are pretty strict at this indoor range. After talking to them, I think they are concerned about the range backstop not being able to contain all the pellets. One guy had said that they used to allow birdshot, but I got the impression that something bad may have happened, or mabey people were just tired of getting smacked by arrant pellets deflecting of the backstop. On a side note, I took a 22 cal ricochett to the neck some months back at this place. That stung like ****! It was fired from the guy's 22 lever action riffle in the next lane over. I guess I could see concern over a wad of shotgun pellets. Or since it is an indoor range, mabey they just don't like having to clean them all up at the end of the day. Not my call to make however.
  10. I would like to see how the gun patterns. The trouble is that the range I shoot at only allows slugs. It's an indoor pistol and riffle range. All the others seem to be gun clubs with a 2 month waiting period before you are "voted in", plus you need sponsers. I'm trying to go to public shoots at a few of them to see which one I like best, but unless I drive up to the coal regions and shoot in the middle of nowhere, it's going to have to wait a bit. That is some sound advice however.
  11. Thanks for the welcome. The first round I shot with a full choke on the advice of the range officer. Hit the first two, then it was hit or miss for the rest of the round with my results tapering off. I think I broke about 12, but diddn't really blast any of them. Next I tried a modified choke, and missed all but 5 or 6. I guess the pattern just opened up too much, so I switched back to full, and had the hang of it by then. I was very pleased (and definetely a bit surprised)with the results. I think I'm hooked! Can't wait to go out again. When you say 16 yard line, does that mean your shooting from 16 yards behind the trap house? That sounds about like where we shot from, but I diddn't ask that question.
  12. I'd like to introduce myself. My name is John, and I'm posting from PA. I am the proud owner of a Super Nova in black synthetic with 28" vent rib barrell. I just got the Supernova a month ago, and will use it for trap shooting primarilly. Today was the first time Iv'e had it out, and shot 3 rounds of trap. And yeah, I know the Supernova isn't a dedicated trap gun, but those were out of my price range. Of the pump guns I looked at, this one fit me the best off the shelf. Once I got the stock fitted with the right shims I was able to break 20 of the 25 clays on the 3rd round. Not too bad for my first time I hope. I also have a Nova tactical with standard stock and ghost rings. It's the defense configuration on Benelli's site. Had this one for a while, and whenever I shoot slugs or a lot of buckshot, my shoulder gets a tad sore from the brick-like recoil pad it comes with. After firing off many boxes of both slugs and 00 buck durring recent tactical training, I was sore for some time. And this gun can't be shimmed for the ideal fit due to the solid stock/ receiver. It does come up very close to where it should be ideally all ready however, so I think I just need to try a more cushioned recoil pad. The Limsaver pad looks like just the ticket, and I know many people here have tried them. I was wondering if anyone has put one on their nova, and if so which pad did you use? It looks like the 10400 or 10401 fits the Nova, but it says "non Tactical" on the web site. I'm wondering if they mean non pistol grip stocks only. My stock appears to be the same as the field gun stocks, and the template is pretty darn close, I just can't find any local shops where there in stock, so it will have to be ordered in. No way to compare it to the current one side by side. And lastly, I can't figure out if there's any difference between the 10400 and 10401 pad. I know that's a bunch of questions, I'm just hoping someone might know for sure before I place an order. Thanks in advance for any advice/ wisdom, -John
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