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  1. After shooting 150 rounds through my M4 my daughters shoulder started to get a little sore and her arms became tired as it is a little heavy, so she tried a Remington 870 20ga youth model. She loved it as it was lighter for her and therefore she was able to get it back into her shoulder better. Do you have any friends with a 20Ga your son can try? Mark PS. I should read the dates on the first page. This is an old thread.
  2. My M4 is desert camo. Not sure how a black collapsible would look. Anyone seen one?
  3. I am the same way. Bought a few toys lately Remington 870 youth model LWRC M6A2 Eotech 553 Sig P220 Mark
  4. Buy a hand gun that fits your hand the best. I ended up with a Sig P220 .45 It suits me and not a lot of kick. My 17 y/o daughter and wife also shoot it although it is a little big for their hands.
  5. I like it, wonder if it is available in CA
  6. markhb

    MR1 CA compliant

    Is the new MR1 California compliant? Thanks Mark
  7. If you get another one, let me know. I am in Sth CA.
  8. I may be interested in a few weeks if you still have one left.
  9. markhb

    Youth Models

    Thank you so much for the detailed explanations and help. When we did a basic shotgun class a few weeks ago, my daughter was shooting my M4 and a M1 swat team gun. After 75 rounds her shoulder was getting sore, so she switched to a 20ga (not sure which one) and liked it. She said it was easier to shoot. The instructor recomended the 870 youth model for her. I will heed your advice and take her into a gun store and be fitted with whatever she wants. I am pumped that both my wife and daughter enjoy shooting and learning about guns. Mark
  10. markhb

    Youth Models

    Thanks for the info
  11. markhb

    Youth Models

    Thanks for the info. She loves shooting and I want to encourage her.
  12. markhb

    Youth Models

    How does the Nova youth compare with the Remington 870 youth? Pros & Cons Thanks
  13. markhb

    Youth Models

    I intend on getting her a 20 ga but thought Benelli may have a youth model. I am thinking of the Remington 870 youth model for her.
  14. markhb

    Youth Models

    I have an M4 and it is a little large for my 17yo daughter. Does Benelli make a youth model shotgun? Mark
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