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  1. markhb


    Anyone know of a Benelli store or agent in United Arab Emirates? I am heading out there this month.
  2. What a numb nuts I am. I paid for next day air not realising that it is shipped from LA. I live in Orange County. UPS states the package has been picked up. Cool. Should be delivered tomorrow.
  3. Dang it. Why is it everytime one of these comes up I just spent my allowance on a gun already. I have a Kimber Ultra CDP on order.
  4. Out of state for you I know, but I have done some of these classes. http://www.firearmstraining.com/class_desc.html#4 Great instructor Mark
  5. Guns are made for shooting. Not for sittin in the safe.
  6. Like I said in the other joint. Sweet.
  7. Wheneve they get them completed I will call in and take a look. Live just a few miles away from them.
  8. http://www.imfdb.org/index.php/Benelli_M_Series_Super_90_Shotguns#Benelli_M4
  9. markhb

    Benelli Trump Card

    LOL Messin with ya:D Tis very very nice. Where dat wabbit?
  10. markhb

    Benelli Trump Card

    Ehhh, Too hard to clean after being dropped in the mud after a day's outing shootin for some food. Or is this just stick on graphics?
  11. markhb

    Photographs finally

    Masterpiece Arms. MPA 930. 9mm A fun gun is all it is. Mark
  12. markhb

    Photographs finally

    Now, we are just not allowed those NFA weapons her in CA. Evil weapons!!
  13. markhb

    Photographs finally

    The Remington is my 17yrs daughters gun. It is a youth model and came just like it is.
  14. markhb

    Photographs finally

    This thing is a lot of fun.
  15. Goes bang just like any other gun. Tis nice though
  16. Could you machine the notches into a regular tube?
  17. It will be later in the year (maybe for my daughters graduation present) for the travel plans.
  18. Great idea. I travel to France and Italy at least once a year so I will look into this.
  19. markhb

    M1 super90

    Have you tried http://www.gunbroker.com
  20. Living in earthquake country, we have a good water supply and food storage which we rotate regulary. Politics is not going to change a damm thing. The workers will always get screwed no matter who is in power.
  21. Bought a M4, Sig P220 Stainless .45 LWRC M6A2 AR15 MPA 930 Micro Mac. Remington 870 20 Ga youth model That will do for this year.
  22. Very nice indeed. Which lower are you going to use? I just purchased a LWRC M6A2. http://www.lwrifles.com/Products/M6A2/tabid/70/Default.aspx Mark
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