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  1. markhb

    MR1 Sale

    http://www.turners.com/weekly/offthehook-2011-03-16.html Looks like a great price
  2. I for one am glad to see choice in the market. The idea of getting as many guns as possible in as many law abiding hands as possible is a good thing. If it takes a chainsaw attachment to help achieve that, then great.
  3. I went and picked it up from the PO today. Finish looks perfect. Just have to fit it now. Thanks Kip
  4. :)I received an email from Kip today. He is surprised that the item has not been delivered yet and hopes it will be today. When I arrived home there was a note to say a package is ready for pickup at the post office with the same tracking number. Have yet to pick up. Thanks Kip.
  5. Anyone heard from Kip? I have tried calling (mailbox is full), email and no answer on my order delivery. Credit card has been charged, email two weeks ago saying my order has been shipped and still nothing. Mark
  6. markhb

    Ruger SR-556

    Have you looked at the LWRC. Amongst the best out there. http://www.lwrci.com/p-4-m6a2.aspx
  7. markhb

    M4 Research for R&D

    Dim1: 0.632 Dim2: 1.132
  8. markhb

    Shotgun or pistol?

    I am just prepared is all. I live in a well heeled neighbourhood that has never had a home invasion, but my wife and I are well prepared. Two German Shepards and alarm system. If we are home when a break and enter occurs, we just hunker down, call 911, and be ready to defend ourselves. I will not shoot if they carry the TV out the door, that's what insurance is for.
  9. markhb

    Shotgun or pistol?

    Shotgun for me too although my Sig .45 is close by and my wife has her Kimber .45 ready too.
  10. markhb

    A new dealer

    Riflegear of Costa Mesa is now carrying Benelli's. They are very good to deal with. http://www.riflegear.com
  11. Anyone email Dan to find out about the C-stocks availability in the future?
  12. We just had an earthquake. It was centered on the CA/Mexico border ans it was a 5.7 Just rocked and rolled the house a little.
  13. markhb

    My M4

    Looks great. Nice job
  14. He from the south somewhere. Texas Loiusiana whereabouts. He does not dress like a Californian.
  15. I placed my order on the 6th early evening and it arrived yesterday.
  16. I received my stock from Botach today. All delivered as promised. Not a mark on it.
  17. According to UPS, my stock is in Vernon CA and ready for delivery today.
  18. Mine has been picked up and will be delivered tomorrow.
  19. markhb


    Thanks for the link. Nothing in UAE, Kenya, Tanzania or Uganda. Everywhere but the countries I will be.
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