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  1. Got it. I had figure the shop had taken it out. Spring is tricky and easy to get away. Thanks.
  2. My new Vinci only holds 2 shells (2-3/4) in the magazine. The specs say it should be 3 plus 1 in the chamber. Any suggestions or experience similar to this? It is really close to hold 3 but just short. Is there an adjustment to make 3 work?
  3. I just received my Vinci last week. While getting familiar with it, I noticed that if the bolt action did not have good momentum sliding back, it stopped short like your second picture. I am a novice but I went shooting for the first time today with a tactical instructor and shot 75+ rounds with no issues at all. I shot slugs, 00 buck and birdshot. My only issue is the advertised 3 in the mag plus 1 in chamber. With various brands, I could only load 2 in the mag. It was close but no cigar. Anyone experience the same?
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