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  1. I haven't been here in a few years just getting back in to it, funny I just removed mine and installed originals found the stock ones are actually brighter and larger threw the Meprolights in the garbage LOL. After seeing this dumb on my part.
  2. My FFT rotates is this a new design your referring to?
  3. A Heat gun is essentially a high powered hair dryer, I can't believe that kept you from installing such a fine product, I have one and installed it, child's Play, Superior to oem tube.
  4. Diamond encrusted and 14 Caret Gold Plated:D
  5. That was my first impression, to good to be true. All too often people will brag about something they bought Cheap totally forgoing any quality, because they feel they got something they Know they should not be able to have because of financial limitations. It's the Walmart attitude, spend 20 minutes in one and you will know what I am talking about. They think they have a cart full of gold when it is really gold plated lead. NEWGUNNER
  6. This seems insanely cheap what is the quality like If good I will order one right now.
  7. I am a Big Fella, I just carry it under my arm like a school book, LOL, No problem for me and it has wheels
  8. I bought this one in Black http://www.casesbypelican.com/app-1720.htm
  9. You must be a lawyer, they always find a way to blame someone for something. You chose to shoot the gun that should be reason enough to take responsibility for your actions! You chose to change the pistons from the original design, that should be enough for you to take responsibility for your actions. NEWGUNNER.

    M4/M2 sling

    Yeah it is getting a bit rediculous. Must be trying to compensate for some other Shortcoming. Like the guy that drives the Ferrari to the club.
  11. I got mine from CarrierComp within a week right around Christmas.
  12. Well looks like you will be holding on to it then, because the aftermarket ones are Premium quality, Materials and match perfectly for a little more than half that and come with a spring. You can install it legally, change the stock to a field stock, this is what my local gun shop told me. Good Luck what ever you decide. NEWGUNNER.
  13. I would like to know also, the Carbon fiber model has my Eye.
  14. Granted I am just trying to help you decide on a price to sell it for. With the current offering from Carriercomp that comes complete with Wolff Spring, I would say you would have to offer it for below or around what this one sells for. http://shop.carriercomp.com/product.sc?productId=3&categoryId=4 I guess If Someone absolutely has to have an original Benelli Mag Tube it might be worth more but not sure. NEWGUNNER.
  15. Thank you for the nice write up, that is what I am looking for. Please keep them coming.
  16. I suspect Briley Manufacturing.
  17. Aimpoint Comp M4s Red Dot Sight. Who has one, What is your experience, are there better units than this one? What are your likes or dislikes. Newgunner.
  18. Your a Very Sick Individual. Now How About Some Ammo Talk.
  19. I like this one, anyone else got any suggestions.
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