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  1. I got rid of the blam4 mount and my streamlight. What size of ava tactical mount do I want? Also what light do I want????!! Please post pictures and your suggestions if you have one. I was thinking of surefire. Also I hated the blam4 mount with the streamlight. Created too much barrel shine (shadow). Will I have this problem with ava tactical and a light?
  2. Anyone have experience using The Freedom Fighter Tactical Trigger package or a geissele hammer? I was only to only replace the hammer to finish making it 922r complaint. I was looking at Geissele but they are sold out everywhere and backordered. I saw the FFT Trigger package will take off 2lbs from trigger pull. Input would be great appreciated. Please help!!!
  3. I've been so freaking busy that I've totally forgot about this post. But lucky me, my woman surprised me with one she bought yesterday.
  4. I dont discriminate as well. But for home defense: The 1st 2 rounds are Winchester PDX1 Segmented Slug and the rest is Remington 00 buck and maybe a few 000 buck 2 3/4 shells. Just a candy cane of assortment
  5. Im looking to buy a Benelli m4 Collapsible stock, Part number 70085, but wont pay over $300
  6. TeamGSD

    M4 Porn

    That's HOTT!!!! And every man needs 2 Benelli M4
  7. Skeet shooting with the benelli is fun. I will look into Briley, thx M4Whore
  8. Anyone do skeet shooting with their Benelli m4? If so, what choke do you recommend.
  9. Ordered mine on December 19, 2012. Got it around March 25th as well
  10. I was on the website and just lucky I guess. Still waiting for mine though.
  11. There has been firearm companies like Beretta considering moving their headquarters to Texas. That was on the news tonight. Move here then we can have our own little Benelli m4 club and play games like this: LOL!
  12. To all my peeps here on the forum, Move to Texas. We wont take away your rights and will fight like ****. Just like at The Alamo.
  13. I ordered my in December 12' and still waiting, but worth the wait.
  14. Did the ammo testing happen yet?
  15. Well... they will have a bad day! My girlfriend and I also have 2 solid black german shepherds, a white husky, and a pitbull. I Dunno what will be worse the dogs attacking the fool that trying to break in or my little arsenal of firepower.
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