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  1. I am happy to report now that I have shot the gun that reports of the R1 being inaccurate are, at least in my case, WRONG. I cleaned the gun well, installed the OPEN SIGHTS, and sighted in using 14 rounds of factory ammo. I did not use any bore lapping, nor did I clean between shots. When I was happy with the position of the sights, I placed the last six shots in a group that would fit under a half-dollar coin. Weather was sunny, wind was very light (wind sock on the range barely moved) and the temperature was 68 degrees. Ammo = Winchester Ballistic Silver tip (150 gr). I am
  2. Still have not shot this gun, sights are installed, I finally got a few boxes of ammo to try - ammo has been scarce and since I was committed to 150 gr bullets . . . . On the upside, I also managed to secure a brand new Forster Co-Ax press and the Forster Ultra Seater die is available as of two days ago. Maybe that is a sign life is returning to normal. Correct me if I am seeing the wrong, but length not the weight of the bullet is the critical factor when trying to find the optimal twist rate for accuracy. I.e. the R1 has a slow twist rate and therefore is better suited for "shorter"
  3. Thanks Doc: I had been debating between the SST (Hornady) and the TXS (Barnes) bullets. Your load data tends to track with the opinion I have formed reading this forum, the R1 likes a lighter or at least shorter bullet. Have you tried a flat bottom or just stick with boat tails?
  4. Saw Doc: Would you share your load data on those tailored loads? What bullet, powder, etc are you using.
  5. All I will say is Able Ammo is out of stock on Montefeltros and they usually have everything Benelli in stock - everything except a set of iron sights for the R1 that is. Those have been backordered for months and I was about to give up and scope my rifle until someone on this forum told me about Midwest Gun Works.
  6. I am stupid in this arena. What do you mean by "pattern work"? I have heard of a pattern board, though no one has ever explained to me what it is, how to use it, etc. So . . . a little education please?
  7. Worm: Congrats on the purchase. If you get an answer, let me know, I have the same question but I am using a SBE2 in NE Arkansas this fall. Also, maybe my SBE was unique but first time I fired it, I swear there was something on the trigger that went straight to my bloodstream - made me want more fine Italian guns, I went out and bought a Montefeltro Silver 20 GA for pheasant, quail, and dove hunting, and just took delivery of a R1 30.06, now I am looking at a MR1. My wife now says my gun safe is now a "condo for immigrant weapons" - I purchased a couple Israeli handguns to keep the
  8. I just realized the bag has a whole series of part numbers (I don't read Italian) but, there isa part number G0230901 which is called a PIASTRINO SERRAG, PIEGA 65 RAAF 28. Using the chart posted above it appears that is the specific part number and description of the D shim.
  9. Look around for a Benelli part number F0148002. My Montefeltro came with a red felt bag that has this number and a bar code on it. In side the bag I have the A, B, D, & Z shims (I assume this means the C is on on the gun now) and I have the A/B stock plate and a D stock plate. Your gun should have came with a similar kit. I would offer to sell the D shim to you but I bought this gun for my wife and eventually, my daughter to shoot. I don't need the D shim but one of them may.
  10. Have not tried them yet. I had to go buy some calipers to make precise measurements. I have it all done, just have to remember to send the numbers to Marble Arms. Williams said they had tried to fit the Benelli before and their sights were a no go. They did not expound. I got the impression one or maybe two people tried, both returned the sights and said no go. Customer Service did not give any specifics, that is just the opinion I came away with. Marble Arms said to their knowledge no one has tried theirs on a Benelli R1 and they would like to find out. They told me what to measur
  11. Dillonious, can you report on this? I got a R1 in 30-06 comfort each for Christmas. I wanted iron sights to save weight and because this is my packing rifle. I have a Ranger Governor 7mmRM scoped for any hunting needling scope or distance. River bottom and foothills where I hunt limit my shots to 60-75 yards which is perfect for open sights. wanted to see your opinion since you we're shooting irons before I drop over $200 on sights.
  12. Marble makes a universal set of sights. Customer service is top notch too. I emailed and they got right back with me. Said they don't know if they will fit on the R1 but would send me a set to try. If they won't work just send them back. CS said I would be doing them the favor by trying so they would know.
  13. Fair warning, Benelli puts something on the trigger - touch the trigger it gets into your blood and infects you with "want more". I bought a SBEII last year, after shooting it, I had to have a Montefeltro, didn't even fire that one before I bought a R1, not sure what is next but I am afraid to go near the gun counter at Cabellas until I find a cure.
  14. Thanks for the intel on sights availability. Got my R1 (30-06) last week and wife is making me wait till Christmas to play with it so I have spent lots of time looking for sights. By chance did you contact Williams? They were on my list to talk to next week. I also found Marble Arms whose web site professes they have sights for every manufacturer. Curious if you spoke to them as we'll or if any member of the forum has experience with either.
  15. Did you mount Benelli sights or find aftermarket? I have a scope on my 7MM Rem Mag. If I need a gun for long range I can go there, my R1 (30-06) is for hunting heavy wood with shots in the 100 meter and under range. Accordingly iron sights are necessary for me but I don't know what options are out there.
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