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  1. mine wouldn't budge with a heatgun and my hands - gunsmith used a torch and popped it off for me.
  2. someone should have offered more money.... that thing was too cheap to begin with.
  3. I don't think they've been on Benelli's page since December. I've only see them on ebay and gunbroker for $350-$600. Too much $$. I've had one on backorder from Brownell's since Jan 31st. I thought I might get one this quarter as it seemed like a shipment came in from Italy last week, but no dice.
  4. don't forget the carriercomp includes the follower and spring. so the price difference isn't all that great. little weight savings never hurt. and the machining is pretty damn nice on the carriercomp, not that socomguys tube isn't already nice.
  5. when I had mine it was pretty stiff at first, but it started to loosen up pretty quickly. it never got super smooth, but I didn't use it much. I'm sure someone will chime in and say give it some time.
  6. thanks, yeah I like it. went and shot last night - everything seems fine, loctite did the job.
  7. thanks for the suggestion... yeah mcmaster usually has it all, but I guess this size is too far out there. m4x.7 or m6x.75 .... close but not close enough. the other option is some sort of plastic plug like Benelli uses in their other models, but I don't think that's any easier to find. I tried (caplugs, stockcap sites). I know for sure my threads weren't ruined with the 8-40 when I put them in - loose if anything, but who knows when I try to take them out now that they're loctited in place and I have to use actual force to remove them. I think I'll just leave them and call it a day. and never sell my m4. hah. I'm at least glad benelliwerkes posted on this, because I could not find out what the damn size of those screws were from online searching. I just don't have the tools myself... so thanks again man.
  8. thanks for the insight and correction! I will say that the 8-40 screws did work for me in this case as they are not being used as a fastener. I encountered no resistance and do not believe that the threads were reconfigured. Had they been torqued down, the result may have been different. I'm happy with what I have so I don't think I'll try getting different screws to see if it makes a difference. If anybody else has tried metric screws please chime in.
  9. I opted to remove the rail on my m4 and thought I'd share... -Rail screw holes are M4x.75 NOT #8-40 (8-40 is what I used, but do so at your own risk - read further) -Screws should be no more than .130" long to match receiver thickness I purchased these two plug screws, either one will work: -Brownells hex plug: 080-534-002WB $16.99 http://www.brownells.com/gunsmith-tools-supplies/small-hardware/metal-screws/hex-plug-screws-prod21185.aspx -Brownells slotted plug: 080-533-840WB $8.99 http://www.brownells.com/gunsmith-tools-supplies/small-hardware/metal-screws/plug-screw-kit-prod792.aspx Personally I thought the hex screw looked best, even though they were pricey. I was worried the hex plugs might be a shade too long as the receiver seemed to be 1/8" but they fit perfect. Other options on Brownells include a positive stop screw and a SS option. I secured these screws with Loctite 243 as it supposedly works better if oil contamination is present... and I already had some 243 from my titanium carriercomp mag install (thx Unobtanium for the 243 insight). I'm sure any blue loctite would do the job though. All in all probably a huge waste of time for this, but I like the cleaner m1 type look with the rail out of the way. Plus I was bored. [ATTACH=CONFIG]2048[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]2047[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]2046[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]2045[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]2044[/ATTACH]
  10. how about $275? you should probably go to gunbroker with that price. or ebay. although.... new one sold on ebay for $360 the other day, so maybe not.
  11. numrich still has them in stock too
  12. carriercomp is the only place I know - it's a wolff spring apparently, but I don't think it's on their site
  13. these instructions are helpful. about to do mine soon: http://www.carriercomp.com/FAQ.html
  14. the only problem selling that cheap is that it's worth flipping
  15. I am still looking for one! in case anybody with a deeper pockets is interested... ebay has one going for about $400 at the moment, 3 days left: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Benelli-Straight-Stock-for-M4-Shotgun-/321083567072?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item4ac2126be0
  16. some people like to put a wolff spring / carriercomp in there - not sure how necessary that is, but I did it.
  17. I'd say it's reasonable given their current prices - they seem to be stuck at $599 on gunbroker right now
  18. you're right... I emailed carriercomp to check. the followers are in stock. they said mine should ship today (ordered Feb 27th).
  19. crap guess I'll be waiting a while I think brownell's has some as does freedom fighter tactical FFT. I think I'll wait for the carriercomp though, but I'm sure the others are fine.
  20. found the listing I was talking about... avoid tubes that look like this one! looks just like the replacement I got from numrich. http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.aspx?Item=328797790 can't wait to get mine from Joe! I'll post pics.
  21. yeah, if you pay attention to the description it is listed as a "replacement" which should read "substitute". they are very cheap in appearance, and come in a plastic bag that has one of those gold taiwan stickers on it. almost thought it was a shower rod. Doesn't look like I took any pics before I sent it back. I have actually seen one for sale on gunbroker with someone claiming it was genuine benelli. I feel sorry for whoever paid for it cause it was like $2-300. guy claimed ignorance on it when I asked him about it. they are a light grey enamel color in appearance. similar but lighter than the original. very cheap feeling. not something I'd want on my m4. wish I had some pics, but I was so disgusted. haha
  22. aaand.. if you are looking to sell your straight stock - let me know!!
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