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  1. If you can't shoot the M4 well and you feel the M4 will not do the job for you then trade it. An AR will be much easier for a small framed person to shoot and shoot well with 30 rds or more. My wife which is about your size does not like the M4, too heavy for her. But with an AR she is one **** of a shot. And with my 1100 20 gauge she does the same. Just remember, not all AR's will shoot steel cased ammo. My two LWRC' s piston driven have with no issues, my Keltec PLR 16 shoots it just fine also. But again, some rifles and pistols will choke on it. Get yourself a few boxes of the Tulla and see if the person will let you take the AR for a test drive. The trade you are looking at seems fair. And in the future you can always buy another M4 if you want. Its your life you need to protect, do what YOU feel is right.
  2. You need one.... [ATTACH=CONFIG]2283[/ATTACH] This is an LWRC, it was a pistol,made it into an SBR. You need an AR:) but don't get rid of the M4.
  3. I don't have the full length tube, but so far their two round extension is working just fine. I have the titanium one and its been working just fine. Well made, I think you would be happy with a full length one. They have a good return policy if I remember correctly. Hope this helps alittle.
  4. Thanks guys, I'm so used to shooting my AR's with a red dot, never had one on a SG. Always used bead sights. I have the Eotechs, and a couple of cheaper red dots on 22's. This weekend I'm going to put one on and see how I like it. I was thinking of putting a Burris Fastfire on it. Sorry to hijack thread, but as for lights, I put the Surefire forend on the M4, light and AFG. Very happy so far with the set up.
  5. Strangerdanger, Nice looking for sure. Can I ask what red dot you have mounted on it. I was thinking of putting one of my Eotechs on mine to see how I like it.
  6. From what I have seen, No. But I have read there's a company that will insert the tritium in the front sight for you. But it's costly, I think you'll get off cheaper buying the set and install just the front. For me, having both front and back is fine. I Ijust wish there were contrasting sights out there.
  7. Man, they shipped and got here today. Two days.. coodos to Amazon.. Brand new condition even though it said open package. The sights are smaller than the oem ones, but shouldn't be a big deal. Install was easy and quick. Now I just need to shoot something in the dark to make sure they work. They are bright in an almost dark room. Thanks again to you guys for the info.
  8. Thank you Don, I do have the 5.5 wrench, but I will order a new nut just in case. Again, Thanks for the heads up.
  9. I was able to get the Mepro sights from Amazon for $65.00 shipped. Open package New condition, 30 day returns if I don't like them, sure I will, have them on a few other pistols, and full warranty from Mepro. I think between these and the Surefire forend for &169.00 with free shipping I'm doing good. Thanks for the input again.
  10. Thank you again John.
  11. Thanks, are yours from Benelli or somewhere else?
  12. Thanks, I was under the impression that the inserts only were replaced. I'm guessing they are Mepro sold sold under Binelli name.
  13. I'm looking at these on the Benelli web site. It says can be easily installed into military spec ghost ring sights. Can anyone tell me what needs to be done to install? What's the difference between these and the Mepro sights? Thanks for any help.
  14. FFT shipping was kind of high, along with it is sent with signature requirement. But I have to say the shipping was very fast. The Messa stock, mag tube extender with spring and charging handle seem to be good quality parts. And he was very helpfull with questions I had when I placed my order. As for the charging handle, it's an excellent fit, I really don't see it bending or deforming somehow. I have shot my M4 as fast as I can pull the trigger and it has not fallen out or rotated out of place. But again, I can't compare to others that are out there. But I like it and was willing to pay the price for what I think is a quality part. Others may differ. I don't think you will be disappointed if you purchase it.
  15. I have the 1/2 inch inch titanium bright FFT handle, I only have about 300 rds thru it with this handle, so far so good. I carry the original in my Messa stock along with a few other things. Just in case.
  16. I went with the Freedom Fighter Tactical 1/2 charging handle. Much better than the stock Benelli one. Compared to other brands I don't know. But anything is better than that toothpick that came on there.
  17. I used a lock washer, no locktite. Put another 50 rds thru it yesterday, no problems. This Thursday I'm going to put it thru an action shotgun course. My first, sure it will be fun.
  18. I also have the Messa Urbino stock along with a shotshell carrier. The one that goes on the stock though. So far I am up to 500 rds thru the gun with 300 of those rds with the Messa stock. No problems yet. I bought from FFT and it says they carry a lifetime warranty on anything they sell. Hope I don't have to use it, I really like the stock.
  19. gino

    New M4 owner

    Can't seem to figure it out.
  20. gino

    New M4 owner

    Hello everyone New here I purchased a new M4 almost two months ago. Already put on a Messa Tactical stock with 6 shell holder, a Surefire forend, got it for $169,99 on Opticplanet on sale for just one day that I know of then went up to $199.00. Talk about luck. Put a light, low profile rail covers, a Magpul AFG, Trulock Tactical choke tube and sling. I already have more than 300 rds thru it. Broke it in with slugs, buckshot, some 3 inch magnum duck and goose loads and then some Wal-Mart 100 rd value pack 7 1/2 and 8 shot. Ran it wet when breaking in. Light loads acted up a little but not for long. Holding the M4 loosely some would not cycle. But I expected that and just wanted to see how the gun functioned with them that way. Not so with full power loads. But with a solid hold the light loads feed and eject no problem. I'm having a blast with this M4. My other SG are all Remingtons, the oldest a 1966 1100 my father bought and became mine years ago, 1100 20 gauge Special Field, 870 and an M887. Looking forward to getting more info on here.
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