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  1. With pointing dogs I used a light modified with #6 shot. I think if I wasn't hunting with a dog and they were flusing longer, I'd go with Improved Modified with #6, or possibly #5 shot.
  2. I have that exact same gun I bought at Dick's last year with all the discounts I got it for $848. I love it. It's a gun I use for both clays and hunting. Killed 4 ringnecks and 2 chukars just recently. With my clay shooting I have approx. 3000 rounds through the gun. I liked it so much I went back this year and bought the matching 20 ga. Again with all the discounts this one came to $889. They are a great value I think and as good as the more expensive Benellis.
  3. Wow, this really makes me scratch my head when folks don't understand the simplest things in the operation of a firearm. It's quite scary, actually.
  4. I know one thing, you don't want to be shooting 1 1/8 oz loads out of any O/Us. I shot a 25 round practice then 100 sporting clays and my shoulder was so sore I didn't think I could finish the last 2 stands. I vote for a gas auto.
  5. It doesn't look like the OP has been back to give us an update. FWIW, I completely disassembled my Montefeltro, and although it didn't look that dirty, because it was a new factory gun, I cleaned it with Gun Scrubber and then lubed everything with Break-free CLP. I haven't shot it that much but it seems to cycle fine with both 1 1/8 and 1 oz target loads. That seems better than the SBE I shot at the clays range that absolutely would not cycle the 1 oz loads.
  6. Halwg

    Deer Shotgun

    If it were me, I'd definitely go with the rifled barrel, shooting saboted bullets, and limit my shots to 100 yards, although if you had to stretch it 140 is doable.
  7. Yes, now I see what you are saying. Just don't do that!
  8. I'll be waiting to see one at the local dealer. May sell my Monte and put the money toward that one.
  9. Great looking gun. I have to start saving my pennies.
  10. After reading your post, I went downstairs and tried pulling the bolt back with the safety both on and off. There was ABSOLUTELY NO difference. I tried it various ways and it pulled back the same way every time. It sounds like something is either hitting or dragging. I would probably take the gun back where you got it and have them try another for you.
  11. I don't have an answer to your specific problems but would like your thoughts on how the 3 guns, Supersport, M2, and Montefeltro compare. I have a Montefeltro, have shot various Supersports at the clays range, and am thinking about purchasing an M2. It would be nice to see how you think they compare.
  12. Could it be a fit, or mounting problem? Have someone else shoot it and see what kind of pattern they get. Shoot it off a bench like a rifle and see what kind of pattern you get. If it's still giving you a problem, send it back to him with the pattern targets enclosed showing how it's shooting.
  13. 2) Ammunition. Since it's an inertia driven gun, many suggest running some hotter loads through it to start. I picked up a few boxes of: a) Winchester AA Lite Handicap Target: 7 1/2, 1oz, 1290 (3 1/4d) fps - Expensive b) Remington Game: 8, 1oz, 1290 (3 1/4d) fps - Cheap (dove on the front of the box) They actually tell you not to use the 1 oz loads. I just bought a Monte a month ago. I have shot 1 1/8 loads and 1 1/4 oz loads through it with no problem. For Sporting Clays I have been shooting Federal target loads 1 1/8 oz 7 1/2 shot with absolutely no problems. I'd take those cheap 1 oz dove loads you bought and shoot them to see if it cycles. I expect if it's cleaned and lubed it should function properly. If it does not, get a couple boxes of 1 1/4 oz loads and run them through the gun, then run the 1 oz loads through and see if the situation improves. My brother's SBE would not cycle the Winchester Super-target 1 oz 8 shot loads at the clays range. But after we stripped it, cleaned and lubed it, it would even cycle these light loads. Me, I'll stick with the 1 1/8 oz target loads.
  14. I ran into that with the cheapo Winchesters with a SBE when shooting clays. I'd never buy them again.
  15. I think if it was me with a bum shoulder I'd opt for a 20 ga or 28 ga. The .410 just never seemed adequate to me, although I killed a lot of rabbits with one as a kid using the 3" field loads.
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