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  1. Thanks for the help , just need an adjustable / Collapsible stock
  2. Thanks for all the great responses Did some research on some options I’d like a collapsible stock , best way to do that looks like is the Benelli pistol collapsible but would need to change out 4 parts (with increasing the mag ) So to maintain 922 1.us made mag 2. forend - midway has a nice aluminum one *recomendation* on 3 and 4 I searched here and the WWW looking for a good US made c stock and couldn’t find one available
  3. Weapon is premo on its own. Its going to be set up for the unfortunate circumstance I hope never happens, unlawful entry into my home. Ordered a Mesa 8 shot Tatical Holder Need to purchase 7 rd Benelli Mag IWC Light Mount - Or if anyone has a suggestion for better option Streamlight TL1 HL Is there other assesories I should add for the above purpose of this weapon? For home defense, what the best way to store the gun? Ghost loaded etc? Thanks in advance
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