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  1. To be honest i have run AMD exclusively on my systems from back in the Amd Duron 900 days. I would agree with StrangerDanger that AMD was a bit finicky when they couldn't compete with Intel but since the introduction of Ryzen Zen cpus its has changed the pc world completely, although Nvidia has an performance edge on Amds graphics cards(since you dont want to game the gpu i suggested is just for getting a signal to the monitor and video playback) I have built a few systems for friends and family and so far had no complaints. My current personal system is a Ryzen Threadripper 1950x and a AMD Vega 56 gpu,i am watercooling them both with blocks from watercool.de (best in the business in my experience) Also i looked at the system i showed you and you can scratch off the cpu cooler for another 35 usd savings(i didnt notice at first that the cpu comes with the cooler bundled)
  2. AMD vs Intel yep basically coke/pepsi. Amd was behind intel for years regarding performance but since they introduced first series Ryzen cpu they are on par or even outperform intel in most cases. You mean sites like pcpartpicker.com? I threw together really quick system have a look : https://pcpartpicker.com/list/yMncx6 Dont be bothered with the sata compatibly note down there it, i selected an m.2 nvme drive wich is about 4-5 times faster than any drive you can plug into a sata port + there are 6 total sata ports on the mobo and if two of them dont work int aint a big deal at all.
  3. If you're looking for a desktop computer may i suggest looking at the new AMD Ryzen 3000 series cpu based build. (the previous generation of Ryzen 2000 is also very good and now cheaper than when they launched) Some idea for prices : https://www.newegg.com/p/pl?DEPA=0&SortType=8&d=ryzen&N=100007671
  4. I went shooting today and i am happy, she ran like a champ. And i looked carefully at the markings on the barrel and found that indeed they gave me a new barrel assembly. At first i was thrown off by the exact same serial number on the barrel (which is also written on my permit) but the date code was CS (2017) on the barrel wich leaked and now i have CU (2019).Seems like they manufactured a new barrel with my old serial number. Is it usually the case?
  5. Thank you for youre input StrangerDanger Finally today after 3.5 months i got my shotgun back from Italy. As far as i can tell they changed the whole gas system(new block, all new pistons and valves) and a new finish on the barrel to.
  6. I had never fired a shotgun, when i got my permit to buy and own one at first i really wanted a (dont know if its appropriate to say on this forum but cough.. Vepr12.. cough.. But then the ruskies attacked Ukraine and the manufacturer Molot got in to the sanctions list and could not find one in europe let alone in my country.Was bummed for a while and searched for shotguns manufactured in europe, and then found the glorious Benelli M4.Did not had a chance to touch one nor to shoot one but i decided this is the shotty i need. Ordered one from my local gunstore, had to wait 6 months to have it delivered from Italy. My first shotgun i ever shot was my very own M4.It ate EVERYTHING i threw at it from the nastiest shoulder busting slugs i could find locally to the mildest birdshot (24gram 2.0mm bb size) like a champ. I had read that the US marines use it and it was supposed to be the pinnacle of 12gauge, mil spec and what not and i really like it but unfortunately mine started to leak from the gas block(which i tried searching but found nothing that nobody has ever had happened to theirs) now here i am waiting again for the third month to get my beloved M4 back which is under warranty in Italy.
  7. Benelli has as far as i can tell their own multi rail fore grip. http://www.benellidefence.it/products/m4-185 I have sent an email to benelli Italy regarding where i can buy it but for 2 weeks NO response from them.And i cant find it anywhere.(in the webpage they also have the M4 with enlarged charging handle and bolt release,also seems like they are benelli made,and the buttstock seems like one from the Nova with 5 different lenght adjustments) Sorry for OT
  8. Hello fellow Benelli enthusiasts and greetings from europe. Has anyone ever seen this type of problem on a M4? I bought the M4 for its know reliability and build quality and have put about 400-500 rounds through it. One side of the gas pistons block is leaking,it cycles even the light 24 gram 2.4mm birdshot without a problem but every time i shoot it it seems that it leaks more and more.The hot leaking gasses have even burnt the handguard from the inside a little.In the video i hold one end closed with my finger and shoot compressed air into the block (sprayed it with car tyre leak liquid before so i can see where it leaks). My shotty is on its way back to Italy for factory warranty and was just curious if this is a common/uncommon problem among M4 s. Second question is has anyone seen this site : http://www.benellidefence.it I really want the newer? style front handguards and the bigger bolt release button as seen here : http://www.benellidefence.it/sites/default/files/files/M4-Catalogue_2.pdf Benelli calls it Multi rail system,i asked my local shop where i bought my gun which i think is the only retailer of Benellis in my country and they told me they even cant get Benelli to sell the red parts of the M2 Speed and Performance(which was launched back in 2017) seperatly.Can you guys and gals buy the M2 SP red parts or the M4 "Multi rail system" in the US? Thank you MOV_0328.mp4
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