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  1. On my M4 i have also CU marking and it should be 2019
  2. Seems it is also in benelli europe website : https://www.benelli.it/arma/mostra/12664
  3. I dont know if you have them in the US but i like Baschieri&Pellagri active slugs and target slugs. The active slugs have a coating of somesort to prevent lead fouling and they are cheap to buy at 0.75 usd a piece. https://www.baschieri-pellagri.com/en/catalogo_tiro/cartucce+da+tiro/1/1/12.aspx (cant link them directly but here is the list of competition cartridges from B&P)
  4. Couple of years ago on the Benelli Italy website ( https://www.benelli.it/en/products/semiautomatic-shotguns/m4) you could choose wich barrel you wanted. The longer one was 20" and the shorter one is 18.5".But since then it has gone from there webpage, and now they only offer the 18.5" version. (Also they had multiple barrels for the M3 but again at least on their webage there isnt anymore)
  5. They also introduced carbon fiber full magtubes. https://www.briley.com/p-63664-full-length-benelli-m4-carbon-fiber-magazine.aspx
  6. It looks very nice! https://www.briley.com/showProduct.aspx?SEName=briley-3gun-m-lok-handguard-benelli-m4&ProductID=63643
  7. Hmm i myself have torqued down friends M3 with its own charging handle(yes the same nut you are talking about wich is only accessible from the sides, if i remember correctly i could not get his trigger group from the reciever without loosening the nut). And as far as i can tell charge handles on M3 and M4 are the same. Could it be that M3 5 pos stock and Supernova 5 pos stocks are different as i have not had a chance to play with a Supernova.
  8. On the M3 that has the same stock, my friend uses his charging handle from the bolt. But as yours is a pump action maybe you could try a screwdriver that fits into the hole.
  9. This should be the 5 position collapsable stock
  10. Wow thats one cool boomstick, 14" barrel as i can see. (is that short barrel legal in germany?) I want that kind of handguard so bad but cant find it anywhere who would sell me one i even sent a email to benelli but for 3 months no reply from them. I am from estonia (or estland like you say in german Here is my thread for the leak problem i had: https://forums.benelliusa.com/topic/22119-leaking-gas-block-m4/?tab=comments#comment-149666
  11. As far as i have searched it should not matter left or right. To me they seem identical but i had a gas system leak on my M4 and from now on i am tediously cheking to put them back exactly where they came from, so i clean one first then assemble it and clean the next one. Little OT could you post a picture of your handguard? Does it look like the one here : http://benellidefence.it/products/m4-185 If so do they sell the handguard as a seperate piece in germany?
  12. A friend of mine has this type of stock on his M3 from the factory. One positive thing about it in my opinion is you dont have to turn or cant the stock to adjust its LOP, simply press the button and slide it to the desired position + it has 5 positions instead of 3 like the "classic" ones. But he also likes my M4 stock more On the site StrangerDanger pointed out all the firearms have the "newer" 5 position stock http://www.benellidefence.it/products
  13. To be honest i have run AMD exclusively on my systems from back in the Amd Duron 900 days. I would agree with StrangerDanger that AMD was a bit finicky when they couldn't compete with Intel but since the introduction of Ryzen Zen cpus its has changed the pc world completely, although Nvidia has an performance edge on Amds graphics cards(since you dont want to game the gpu i suggested is just for getting a signal to the monitor and video playback) I have built a few systems for friends and family and so far had no complaints. My current personal system is a Ryzen Threadripper 1950x
  14. AMD vs Intel yep basically coke/pepsi. Amd was behind intel for years regarding performance but since they introduced first series Ryzen cpu they are on par or even outperform intel in most cases. You mean sites like pcpartpicker.com? I threw together really quick system have a look : https://pcpartpicker.com/list/yMncx6 Dont be bothered with the sata compatibly note down there it, i selected an m.2 nvme drive wich is about 4-5 times faster than any drive you can plug into a sata port + there are 6 total sata ports on the mobo and if two of them dont work int aint a big
  15. If you're looking for a desktop computer may i suggest looking at the new AMD Ryzen 3000 series cpu based build. (the previous generation of Ryzen 2000 is also very good and now cheaper than when they launched) Some idea for prices : https://www.newegg.com/p/pl?DEPA=0&SortType=8&d=ryzen&N=100007671
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