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  1. lots of anticipating the trigger shown here.
  2. Florian


    WWB 5.56 right now is 159.99 for box of 200 here in town...still a long way from the .30/rd I paid. F
  3. Florian


    plenty of ammo around here...just gotta look in person, online isnt telling the whole story.
  4. really, so if I order the A&S trigger guard and their trigger group, theyll put it all together for me? Thats a time saver if true. Advise
  5. Easiest way to find M4s is to go on Facebook and type Benelli M4 in the search bar - you'll see plenty of NIB guns out there waiting for buyers - I found mine in a day of searching - and bought it below MSRP (by 100 bux) F
  6. Shells are a PITA right now...stock up while you can.
  7. I had been looking for a month or so when I decided to look on Facebook - just searched for M4 fans - and up popped about 5 dealers that had them in stock. Some wanted 1K over MSRP, some a few hundred over. One day, a shop popped up that said they had 2 just come in - I called and they were 200 under MSRP. I snatched it up. You just have to stay vigilant and check different sources. Good luck! F
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