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M4 advice?


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My name is Tim,Live in Tennessee really glad I found this forum. I just bought a new to me older M4 and I really am excited about the thought of getting out and seeing what it will do. I'm in need of a part for it though. It has a shell carrier mounted on the left side of the reciever, using a screw through the trigger group to the mounting plate for the carrier it's self. Want to return the gun to origional with the right pin or bushing as the manual calls it. Any idea where or whom might have such item? The Benelli web site doesn't show anything about parts. What to do? Also need so referances to good aftermarket stuff mag tubes ect. Hope you all can help. Thanks Tim

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Any idea who makes your shell carrier?


If you somehow don't have the stock umm, rod that pushes out and holds the trigger group in place, I'm sure benelli or numrich can get one for you. It's a pretty simple part.


For accessories, the only thing you NEED is a full length mag tube. I'd recommend one from socomguy here on the benelli forums, he has a thread on the front page here.


After you get your full length tube, you then can decide what direction you want to take the gun in ... be it a rail, collapsible stock, optic, replacement handles/releases, etc.


But don't buy anything other than a full length tube until you're shot your gun a good amount and have a good idea of what you want for it.

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I'm pretty sure the carrier is stock. Yes I saw the Socomguy's full length mag. tube. It's a nice looking tube. Will I need to replace the spring and follower ? Thanks for the advice.


That's a dirty topic BUT here is what I have found:


SOCOMguy swears by the stock 27.5" (When it "takes a set" it will be about 26" long) M4 spring.


Benelli claims this spring is the ONLY ONE spec'ed for the M4, both the USMC 7-shot and the civvi 5-shot version.


Here is what my personal experience has borne out:


Full length tube with the stock M4 spring did great...until I fired some of the hotter 3" magnum loads like remington's #4 buck 3" load (WAY more recoil than their OO Buck 3" load, just fire them back to back...)


When I did this, the inertia of the shotgun recoiling would fight the spring trying to push the last shell on top of the shell-lifter. It would jam the gun with the bolt back and the shell still snagged in the mag tube.


I then did some research. Apparently the M1S90 Military model with the 7-shot tube uses a 35" spec'ed spring (actually varies from 35-39". When it "takes a set" It will be 30-31" long.). Now...we have 2 weapons, each with 12ga diameter mag tubes, each with mag tubes the same length. WHY would one of them have a 35" spring with the sam resistance per coil (spring-rate) and the other a 27.5" spring? It made no sense. So I bought the M1 Super 90 Military model spring and it has cured all my problems.


As to the Benelli follower, it is a good one. Keep it. Unless you are trying to beat 922r, just keep it.


Also, it is no secret, I am a HUGE fan of Ron@ www.tacticalshotgunner.com


He has been one of the most customer-oriented people I have ever dealt with in any form of business. Period. Call him and he can help you with aftermarket accessories.


Also on my favorites list is LaRue tactical. I highly recommend their pride-fowler optic/Irondot mount combo. I love mine!

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