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Glad to be back...


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Well, i have not been on the forum for a few months b/c it made me miss my Benelli's. All but one of my guns were stolen from me and I was reunited with my M4, R1, and one of my XD-45's. I still did not get my Super Nova, My AR, and 2 of my XD's. I know I should have had a safe for them but this old house I live in would not hold the weight of one. Well, I will be getting some added support so I can get one. I will not let this happen again. I am glad to be back on the forum to see what all the nice guys I have meet through the forum are doing. Glad to see some new members in here. Can't wait to meet some of yall.

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Sup bro? Glad to see you back.


A friend of mine got robbed a few days ago ... lost all his guns except the 357 jframe he was carrying, and the benelli m4 that was hidden under his bed. All his rifles and handguns in his closet got stolen, along with lots of his parents stuff.


How'd you manage to get some stuff back? Po-po catch the guy?

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Sorry to hear that you were not home to surprise them:p

Get one of these and bolt it to floor! http://www.amsecusa.com/gun-safes.htm

I have a AMSEC and i do not worry about any crack head getting into it and it weighs in around 900 Lbs and does not take corners in house very well at all. Only person that could take it is a safe installer and his BIG buddy!:D

Great ya got some of them back but keep looking you never know where the others could surface! GL

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