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Trap shooting with Super Sport


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Nothing Benelli makes is particularly well suited for true trap shooting. Benelli guns are lightweight, flat-shooting field guns, and are well suited to being carried around all day in the field.


By flat-shooting, I mean that if you took your gun to a pattern board, and aimed it like a rifle at a bull's eye 30 yards away or so, and covered the center of the bull's eye with the bead when you shot, the pattern will be centered around the bull's eye. If you did that with a trap gun, 70% (or more) of the pattern will be above the bull's eye.


True trap guns are heavy to reduce felt recoil, and set up to shoot high since the target is rising as soon as it exits the trap house. Plus, with a high shooting gun, you can "float" the target above the bead so it is always in your sight when you pull the trigger. With a flat-shooting field gun, you must, as mentioned above, cover the target with the bead (on straight-away's) when you pull the trigger.


For some help on an intro to trap shooting, go to Remington's website. Here's the link.




hr, If you're shooting at a real trap range with a cylinder choke, that is WAAAAY too open for trap. A typical trap target is broken at about 35 to 45 yards, and by that time, the pellets in a cylinder choke are so spread out, even if you're right on, the target may not get a hit.


I shoot registered trap, and I use a full choke. When I hit targets, they turn to dust, literally. My daughter, who has faster reflexes than me and shoots a split second sooner, uses a modified choke. I wouldn't use anything more open than modified for true trap shooting.




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Originally posted by Redneckshooter:

I just bought a Super sport and I was wondering how you all shoot with this gun, I took it to the club tonight and I could shoot a single one shooting trap. where do I need to put the beed on the clay. It is kinda frushtraiting if you know what I mean.

The answer depends on what shim you have installed in the stock. I recently purchased a Super Sport for my son's birthday. He did reluctantly let me try the gun from the 16 yard line. The gun came with the "B" shim installed. With that shim, you have to cover the target with the bead. We switched to the "X" shim and now it works a little bit more like a trap gun with the two posts forming a figure 8 and you place the front bead just about a foot under the target. He regularly shoots over 92% with his old Model 12 and is now shooting over that with his new Benelli.


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