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Something won't come out of my barrel...


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Without seeing the barrel it is hard to say what it is. What some people do is get a long rod with very fine steel wool on the end, then chuck it up in a drill and try to get it that way.


I would think that one would have to be very careful doing that for fear of scratching the barrel. I don't know for sure because I have never had to do it.

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The only thing that could possibly be touching the inside of the bore from firing modern slugs would be the cup, or sleeve. Try wiping the bore down with a patch soaked with acetone, you can get it from the paint dept. at China-Mart. After using acetone, use plenty of gun oil or other preserative, as the acetone will remove ALL traces of oil, and will cause rust. Hope this helps.

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It appears to be a slime or some sort of layer on the inside of the barrel that i can not remove with ANYTHING. Any ideas? It's in a smooth bore barrel and all i have ran through it recently are slugs. :confused:



Ummmm...check with your healthcare provider. :p



Seriously though, buy a "tornado" brush, that will get it out. Those bristle-brushes just suck for getting lead out.

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