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full length tubes


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I was looking into getting a full length tube for my M4 and I was wondering if anyone has gotten one from Daves Metal Works and if so hows the quality. He seems to be about the cheapest out there. Don't get me wrong I'll pay the extra money and get one from Socomguy if his quality is better.Any feedback or pictures would be appreciated.

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There are several topics discussing the titanium tube offered on Gunbroker.


I got one from Daves and indeed it is inexpensive but in comparison to the titanium version, well there's not much comparison.


I don't understand how folks can afford to buy an M4 then can't afford the extra to put a high-quality magazine tube on it. If you do it right the first time, it'll last the lifetime of the gun.


It is my understanding that 922R doesn't apply to these shotguns. State laws may differ.

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My understanding is 922R applied to shotguns from 1990-1994 defining sporting purpose, AW's and shotguns during the ban, and all contenders for importation compliance. Until the sunset on the AWB only shotguns could be altered within limits, not to encroach on AWB parameters since they had overlapping restrictions, after the AWB sunset, ALL contenders could be upgraded once state-side. There was no sunset on 922R so importation guidelines still apply. Check the FNH shotgun. It HAS to be imported w/ a 5 rd mag tube, once here FNH USA dumps the short one and replaces it w/ either a 6 or 8 rd tube depending on what configuration it will be sold as. This is legal, like they say, 922R still applies, AWB sunset allows them to be upgraded once here. Biden hates the loopholes BTW. And has plans found in H.R. 1022 to close that loophole down... just an FYI. The sale or transfer of the tubes may become illegal, as well as simple installation w/o manufacturer's permits for LEO only. Yes that bill is a long shot, but they tried to pull the trigger on it in 2007. New administration, elevated risk... Read up on H.R. 1022 for future legislative intent.

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