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  1. I believe that back in January when they were taking orders, the SBS tube was an option that was offered along with the others.
  2. If you read back through this thread there are weights mentioned for both steel and titanium tubes. You may want to go back through the whole thread, because there are several different numbers thrown out there for different brands.
  3. If I am not mistaken, there was something in the description of the cc bolt handle about the steel part being heat-treated to make it stronger than just steel.
  4. I haven't heard anyone say anything negative about dmw...only saying why they PREFER to have the cc titanium tube. We hear your preference loud and clear, now how about letting us have OUR preference. You do not feel the cc is worth the wait, and that is certainly your prerogative! However, it seems there are those who DO feel it is worth the wait, and they are certainly entitled to that. This thread has Carriercomp in the title, not dmw. You are certainly welcome to begin a dmw thread...after all, it is an open forum. Just saying... Oh, and BTW, calling it just a straight pipe...really??
  5. I don't think there is a wait for cc springs and followers. Check their store, they may have those in stock.
  6. Yeah, and some of us got a black one from that batch, but I think they sold out of them in a couple of days. It looks like they are only making mag tubes right now, though.
  7. +1, RDA1, on the "lesser of two evils" part. Speaking of lying and saying anything to get elected...hmmm, sounds suspiciously like the person in office now, and his record is proving it, which is why people are giving up on him. Ooops, political debate is started!
  8. The whole country needs to learn from what works in Kennesaw, Georgia! I can't believe this has not inspired anyone yet!
  9. I don't know, that chick with the buzz cut is a pretty bad shot...she almost shot Rick! Even the kid's a better shot than her!
  10. I remembered a previous discussion about the credit card thing. I found this in an old thread (apparantly pulled from their home page, as described below): This is a copy of that detail from their home page; Due to our Merchant service software parameters, back-ordered items will invoice at the 25 day mark, or within 7 days of shipping, which ever occurs 1st. Customers uncomfortable with this necessity, may opt for a courteous and prompt refund from "carriercomp".
  11. It's like buying the whiz-bang 3D T.V. and then finding out the 4D T.V. just came out!
  12. Maybe they're too busy getting our stuff made to worry about that... That's okay with me!
  13. I agree. The black one looks kind of shiny to me and the muted one does not. That could just be the lighting in the photo, but I think that I prefer the muted also! I read about people asking for the black coating, and it seems like Kip tries to respond when people want something, so I guess that is the reason for the other one.
  14. Note to self; Do not bring my Benelli to Mars.
  15. Very informative, SD!! I am confused, though. Here is a quote from another forum: "The portion that inserts into the bolt doubles as a disassembly tool of the gas system, so it has to be more abrasion resistant than titanium alone. Kip made that portion from heat treated A2 tool steel". Does the GG&G bolt handle also have this feature?
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