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  1. You won't regret it. It's quality in line with the rest of the gun.
  2. You just need to get it up to 250 degrees F. At least that's what my IR thermometer read when it finally "let go". Just degrease it before you add open flame unless you enjoy the extra smoke and flame.
  3. Co-witness is important if you don't have a reliable optic. With 5-year constant-on battery lives on some, or no batteries at all on others, that problem becomes moot. If you still want the easy option of using iron sights than consider a quick-detach mount for the optic, that's what I did. There are plenty of throw-lever system that are solid. C97
  4. I'm still waiting for the witch pattern. Which pattern you choose is up to you.
  5. What force vector caused that fracture? Was it a bending force? Or did it get stepped on while out of the shotgun for cleaning? I've been using Made-in-USA pistons in my FALs. It's an axial load and they're handing in there, so not sure why not in the M4. I'm guessing the notches in the "rings" are for the magnum loads? Thanks for providing an option for those of us who don't want our name on the legal "test case". C97
  6. Just got mine in from Optics Planet. They had been out of stock, but only took 2 weeks to get mine shipped. They may have more in stock if anyone's interested. I got it primarily for 922r compliance, but also because it's made by Surefire. It's a nice addition.
  7. Wow, that looks like a bad Photoshop taking bits and pieces from an R1, M2 and CX4 and putting them together. The modularity of the AR platform is what makes it so popular. Change upper, change caliber, barrel length, whatever. And you can order that new upper through the mail (just make sure you know your state's laws). Not sure that this thingy will take anything away from the AR market. C97
  8. I'd try an electric hair dryer before using a torch. The torch concentrates the heat and could affect the finish before you'd realize it. Apply heat to the receiver as Kip noted. Take your time, be patient, you'll have a good result.
  9. Putting shiny rims on your car doesn't make it go faster. But people do it. It's nice to buy little "presents" for your toys. Do you NEED to replace the factory follower due to likely failure? No. Will the new part be more likely to cause problems than the factory part? That's the right question to ask. The factory, and DoD, tested the **** out of the m4 and any weak areas were addressed. If your life depends on it, don't trust the "truth" of those looking to make a buck by selling you an "upgrade" for your M4. C97
  10. The amount of "unused" energy expelled as muzzle blast compared to any gas pressure bled off to operate a gas-operated system is, as noted, insignificant. And yes, the recoil operated system doesn't cycle until the shot column has left the barrel. Amazing all that momentum and kinetic energy can do.
  11. No. The M1 and M3 interchange but due to a change in the receiver the M2 and M4 are different. The rear of the trigger guard is an obvious difference, it blends into the buttstock on the M2 and M4. I only know because my dealer had all 4 variants in stock.
  12. There are several topics discussing the titanium tube offered on Gunbroker. I got one from Daves and indeed it is inexpensive but in comparison to the titanium version, well there's not much comparison. I don't understand how folks can afford to buy an M4 then can't afford the extra to put a high-quality magazine tube on it. If you do it right the first time, it'll last the lifetime of the gun. It is my understanding that 922R doesn't apply to these shotguns. State laws may differ.
  13. I got mine off GunBroker, ordered Nov 24, shipped Nov 26 or 27, can't remember exactly. He explained the delay was due to problems getting the extended magazine spring (and of course I expected some delay due to the holiday). As I mentioned in another string the springs with the titanium tube are longer than the factory spring. The factory spring happened to be the same length as the spring shipped from Daves. I'll reiterate what's been already stated about the advantages of titanium versus aluminum, no contest, the titanium wins on corrosion, strength and weight issues. Hey go
  14. Ammoman is sold out of all 12 gauge, for now.
  15. Having just replaced my factory-installed magazine tube: As already mentioned you have to heat it. I monitored the receiver's temperature with an IR thermometer and the tube broke loose at 250 degrees F. That's not terribly hot, a hair dryer will probably suffice. Once you remove the old tube any remaining locking agent in the receiver threads will be soft and is easily removed with just a soft cloth or you may need to pick out a few pieces with whatever you have on hand. It was slightly hard but didn't adhere to either the tube or receiver. C97
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