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SBE Sight Question


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I've had a Lefty SBE for about 6-7 years now and I absolutely love the gun. I use it for waterfowling and even dropped a doe a few years back with it.


The only problem I have with the gun is the small bead midway down the barrel. For one thing, it isn't centered on the barrel so when I'm looking down the barrel the two beads don't line up.


Second, why do I even need this second bead? I also have a Browning gold 3.5" with the traditional single bead on the end and I find I can lock onto targets faster with this setup.


Does anyone know if the middle sight is removable (threaded)?


is there any specific benefit to having it which would explain the design?


has anyone else removed theirs in favor of the single bead?



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Ground it off because power tools are fun!


That and if you remove any screw you should replace it with something to plug the hole because not doing so is just stupid. If that weren't the case guns would be sold without plugs in the holes for scope mounting and other accessories. So search the world over for a plug for the hole were the mid bead is or grind it off in 30 seconds.

To each his own.

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You can call me stupid for not lubing by shotgun, I will go for that, But grinding the site off when you could just unscrew it, That is stupid beyond ones imagination. Even yours porker.If the truth were known you probably ground yours off.:rolleyes::rolleyes:


i think you did a good enough job on calling yourself stupid,if you wanta give me credit that's fine, FYI i said i can't see mine anyway so why would I dremmel mine? WOOOPIGSOOOIE! i just put a blue pin on it and made it black.

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Goose2....are you sure the middle bead unscrews? I have tried with pliers and it didn't budge.

I want to try the gun with just the tip of the barrel bead.

Probably just gonna cut it off with a dremmel.

sorry to bring back an old thread but i am having the same issue. any ideas?




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