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  1. MikeB


    I have Lightfield 2.75s and they "recommend" a rifled barrel or choke but do not require it, also they are not recommended for 3.5 chambers. Without the spin you may not get proper sabot discharge, probably their basis for vehemently demanding a rifled barrel.
  2. I'd rather be judged by twelve in a box than carried by six in a box.
  3. Looking to sell a slug barrel complete with fore end, weaver bases and Bushnell Elite 3200 scope with Firefly reticle. All for $600. I had it for 2 years maybe 40 rounds fired. $450 without the scope. Shipping included IF in continental 48 states. Not greatly interested in selling scope until barrel is sold.
  4. MikeB


    I've used Outlaws for several years now. Only issue is that when a bird gets up close and say in line with the decoy it suddenly "disappears" and causes the bird to be alarmed. Toms are dead by then but if it is a hen the jig is up. What is nice about them is they are less than 1/8 inch thick and a flock of 5 carries really easy.
  5. Beretta 950BS .25ACP Steyr M40 .40SW Ruger Super Blackhawk .44REMMAG RWS Diana Mod.48 .177 Mauser Mod. 98 8MM Rem 722 .222REM (custom varmint slayer) Rem 700ADL .270WIN Ithaca LSA-65 30.06 Nat. Ord. M1 Carbine .30Carbine Ruger 10-22 TC High plains sporter .50 (muzzleloader) Ithaca Mod.37 featherweight 12G Browning BPS 20G Mossberg 85D 20G (bolt action/first gun/going to be buried with it) Benelli SBE 24" Realtree X-TRA brown/slug barrel 12G I have very little to complain about:D
  6. MikeB

    bow hunting

    I've owned Jennings, Oneidas and High Country. I shot all of them very well. Bows nowadays are made well, find a bow shop that will let you shoot various models before you buy. At the end of the day proper form and shot placement is all that matters. By the way, bow hunting the rut is an awesome time in the woods.
  7. Steel generally patterns one size up IF the choke is a lead spec choke. This thread has very good explanations. http://www.benelliusa.com/forum/showthread.php?t=17108&highlight=steel+chokes
  8. I like Hastings brand chokes. They work well with Winchester Supreme and Hevi-shot. Someone may correct this but "tags" assist in a search.
  9. Sorry on the velocity comment, my thinking was inline with rifles. Second on MattD's comment. I have been complained to about the noise level.
  10. Good for quick shots at close range. Good for carrying in heavy brush. Good for turkey in case you need to swing and change direction. Can be bad for longer range shots, shorter barrel=lower velocity. Can hamper follow through on pass shooting.
  11. There is info on the net about fitting a shotgun. Improperly fitted guns can increase felt recoil and misses. If you do not want to do it yourself, spend the money and have it done professionally. Find someone who fits for sporting clays/trap/skeet shooters. A pro will fit you correctly and you may learn something that makes you a better shot along the way. At least with the SBE2 you have adjustments with the comb height and length of pull.
  12. Ground it off because power tools are fun! That and if you remove any screw you should replace it with something to plug the hole because not doing so is just stupid. If that weren't the case guns would be sold without plugs in the holes for scope mounting and other accessories. So search the world over for a plug for the hole were the mid bead is or grind it off in 30 seconds. To each his own.
  13. Get one! You will never miss the second and third time quite like you will with a Benelli:D
  14. Hmmm! Just read another post where the gentlemen did not prefer SSTs. No personnel experience with them. I've only used Brenneke and Lightfield. I guess that's why you should always shoot your gun preseason.
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