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How many times have you heard....


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"Due to extreme high call volume, our hold time is longer than normal..."

This is what I keep getting when I call Benelli for technical support. If that's all I keep getting, then that amount of volume and hold time IS normal or putting it another way, maybe the recording should say, "Due to insufficient staff at Bennelli, our hold time is longer than our customers should be expected to wait." Come on, Benelli, get it right. You need to get more efficient at promptly answering technical questions. What you have now is not acceptable!

Really, does anyone ever get through to these people?

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Guest cleefurd

I got through on my last attempt, which was mid October, '08. Bet they were slower then, and quicker to the "line" since the election hadn't yet shifted people's focus more towards the firearm's industry.

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There was a time last year when I could not get through to the Benelli customer service people no matter how long I was put on hold or how many e-mails I sent.

After trying for a week on and off, I finally got through and once I did they were great. They took care of me just fine. So I guess one needs a lot of patience at times.

Good luck and keep trying!

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Hey, Tucker, it shouldn't have to be a choice. You should be able to get someone who knows the answers to your questions AND not have to wait forever. That's just good customer service. By the way, I finally got through and the person with whom I spoke was very helpful.

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