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24in 26in 28in ?


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Personal preference. 10yrs ago I would have gotten the 28". Now I would get a 24" for all around shooting. Let me ask you. Would you get a 26" or a 28 " in an O/U?

A 24" M2 is going to be about as long as a 28" O/U because of the receiver length on the Auto. A Black Eagle 24" might even be a little longer than a 28" O/U.

It's all personal preference. All will give excellent results and a good "swing".

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I have an m2 and it is 28 it does it all WELL it hits when I get the seight on the target :cool: im not sure what the advantages of longer or shorter is except the shorter it is the easier it is to swing around in the blind or on to a target i think the choke takes care of the distance and the pattern but im no expert ,:confused:

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Keep in mind that your eye (or eyes) are looking down a sight ramp that is the length of the barrel *plus* the length of the receiver in the case of an auto or pump. A double doesn't have that extra receiver length along the sighting ramp... so a 26" or 28" barreled double often sights like a 24" M2 or similar gun...


Those barrel lengths are my prefs for field shooting. The M2's, Ultras, and SEII's are so sweetly balanced with a 24" barrel.


Happy shooting, amigo-

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tucker i do mostly waterfowler and rarely do upland so is 26 stillt the way to go

I'll chime in to say I would go with a 26" as Tucker recommends if I was mostly waterfowling.


I wish I was duck hunting as much as I used to-- but the waterfowling isn't as nearly good in Minnesota as it once was-- not that many years ago!) :(

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