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Weapon Lights Question


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I am trying to figure out which lights will be best for my M2 and M4. I originally bought a Surefire 6P Defender for the M4, but have chosen to mount that on my new Stag AR-15. For the M2, I purchased the Mesa Tactical small rail that mounts on their barrel clamp. I am leaning toward a Streamlight TLR-1 or something similar (Surefire X200/300??) since I want something smaller up front. One plus is that I can also put them on my Glocks or XD's as well, but the primary function will be a shotgun light. I am not sure about the Surefire fore-end. Can these smaller lights handle the recoil from a shotgun? Are they adequate for home defense in terms of lighting etc.? Any problems or experience with these?


This is the last item I am going to add to the shotgun so i want it to be the right choice. As always the options are overwhelming.


Any advice/thoughts?





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TLR-1 for sure. I have a TLR-2 mounted on my M4 and love it. Just shot 100 rounds of cheap Federal, plus a bunch of 3 inch slugs and 00 buck shot and the light and laser held up great under the recoil. The laser is handy for home defense and really fun shooting at the range. The light is led and bright and blinding in a home defense situation.Heck for the price of the surefire light you can get a light laser combo of the TLR-2. Plus the streamlight warranty is lifetime no ?'s asked. Take this from a guy who racked his brains for weeks on what light option to get.lol.

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