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SBE II Stovepiping Help!


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My SBE II has had problems with stovepiping since I have bought it and it has been cleaned completely with a full teardown, when it was new it would stovepipe the emties on the way out after cleaning it spotless including the recoil spring assembly the action is much faster but now it will stovepipe loaded rounds going into the chamber and it hits them hard putting a very large dent in the side of the loaded shell. It seems to happen only when shooting at around a Fourty Five degree angle. I have tried FP-10,CLP and the supplied Benelli oil, I switched brands of shells samething again but most often with 3" Steel. My Gun has less than 500 rounds through it, I had lost faith in it and just dont use it often but I thought It was working properly after the last cleaning but 15 rounds into a hunting this weekend I lost another winged bird to a jam!

Help! any ideas?


Thanks Kurt

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Generally speaking, stovepiping refers to a round sticking out of a half-closed breech at a 90 degree angle.

This typically occurs with the empty round not being fully ejected.


But you appear to be saying that this is occurring with the next loaded round. Is that correct?

Can you safely replicate the condition and post a picture?


Is your gun still under warranty?


What are the environmental conditions when shooting?


Are you wearing multiple layers of clothing which may contribute to reducing the resistance at the shoulder?

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My Gun been thoroughly cleaned multiple times with gun scrubber and brushes when needed. The weather was about 60 degrees and dry and only a thin jacket on. Tucker we are talking about the same stovepipe the shell is hanging out at 90 degrees to the reciever. It was doing it with the empties before I cleaned the recoil spring, The action is much faster now, but it now is stovepiping the live rounds out of the magazine.

Mostly on higher angle shots.


Thanks, Kurt

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I had that happen when I switched from a 3" shell to a 3 1/2". The shot was an over the head deal and the empty stuck out of the receiver backwards on my second shot...Onlt time it happened. Was told, I didn't have the gun tight to the shoulder by a gunsmith....Hasn't done it since...

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