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Benelli Night Sights


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Are the factory Benelli ghost ring night sights tritium or some other "luminous" material? the reason that ask is that the ones that came with my M4 only have a VERY weak glow in the dark, but get ridiculously bright when I shine a flashlight on them for a few seconds. Is this normal? Did I simply get a really old set of tritium sights? It is my understanding that tritium does not need to be exposed to any degree of ambient light or immediate charging light in order to glow. Other materials/sights do...


Can anyone enlighten me on this stuff?

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If you bought the replacement sights for the M4 they are made by Meprolight, a division of Kimber and are made with Tritium inserts. They glow on their own. I have a set and they are extremely dim. I spoke to Kimber and pretty much got the run-a-round with me leaving unanswerd messages on a bunch of lines. So no new information as of yet.

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Chris the standard ghost ring sights you have on the M4 are luminescent type sights similiar to glow in the dark stars you could put on your ceiling as a kid. They need light to charge.Tritium is self luminous,needs no light to charge and will always be bright when needed. I have tritium sights on my HK and love them. Plus at night they make it really easy to find your weapon in the dark.Now for my M4 I dont have them but have seriously tossed around the idea until I got a TLR-2 laser/light combo instead for my home defense work.

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