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please post pic of light set ups for m4


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It's a work in progress, but my intention is to solve several common problems with one package.


1. Since the M4 isn't a pump gun, I can't make that fierce racking sound that scares off the home invaders and some zombies. Therefore, the addition of the radio was essential. Tuning the radio to NPR lets the bad guys know that I'm serious about gun control and that they can rest assured that they will be killed with a fully registered gun and ballistically signed ammunition - after we share a cappuccino, of course.


2. Surefires are great, but their Achilles heel is in the batteries. Dead batteries = no light. Might as well mount a rotisserie chicken to the weapon and hope for the best!

With my crank light, I have eliminated the need for batteries and all I have to do is give this thing a few brisk turns and I've got seconds of dim yellowish light.

In fact, as these things catch on, I expect the cranking sound to replace the racking sound as the number one deterrent in a home invasion scenario.



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I am very proud to introduce to you all my very latest tactical lighting solution for the M4.


The system intelligently uses off the shelf technology (to help keep costs down), and we are going to offer

this very cleverly designed and extremely strong/low weight mounting system for an introductory price of only $19.95.......if you PM me today

I will send an additional mounting system for free....you simply pay an additional $6.95 shipping and

handling fee.


Due to the overwhelming response, the system is currently on back order, but unfortunately, your credit card will be charged immediately upon order

submission.....so please be patient!




John's Tactical Mounting Solutions Inc.

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She's a beauty!

How's that extra 1.5 lbs. of battery affect the balance? :D


Hey man......thanks for the kind words!


Well, the balance is not really too much of a problem, especially since I added Cliff's titanium thingy and then I cleverly limit it to maybe 2 or 3 ammo shells in there.




PS......I really, really like your rotisserie chicken mount idea!

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