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DRAM / FPS & weight


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I read through the owners of my new SBE 2 and it says to use ammo that is powerful enough to fully cycle the action, but it never gives a reference to go from on this. I have some dove load that is 1 ounce and 3 1/4 dram eq. will that work the action?


can someone tell me their findings on the minimum is FPS & weight or dram eq.



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took my sbe 2 out last night for the first time, it banged off 100 shells of 1 oz. 3 1/4 dram without ANY problems, and I think im in love......the recoil diff between my SBE 2 and my mossy 500 is HUGE, with the sbe 2 I was back on target for doubles in about 1/2 the time as with the mossy. that said I have a few comments/questions.


1. when I stripped the gun down for cleaning last night I noticed that the fore-end was really hard to get off the very end of the magazine tube. the piece that fits tight back by the action is having a hard time clearing by the threaded end of the magazine, and it has a crack in the back crossmember of the fore-end, where the tight spot has spread it. this cant be normal on a $1200 shot gun?


2. with the modified choke in the barrel (I havn't checked the others) there is about a .025 in. lip where the diameter of the choke is bigger than the barrel where they meet on the inside. I was always of the thought that the smoothers the transition from barrel to choke the better. can anyone clarify this for me?


3. when I was cleaning the action out I noticed that there was a fare ammount of what looked like plastic or paint shavings back behind the trigger near the back of the action area and the spring that goes into the butt of the gun. I think this is probably normal for break in, as it might have just been paint that got removed by the action of the gun.


can anyone comment on these things? should I send my fore-arm back to benelli?




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