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Emergency Survival Kit


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Just curious what as to what every one keeps in a their emergency survival kits. It can include Hunting, Home, and Auto.

Heading back towards the topic...For home it's pretty easy, a well stocked first aid kit and all the kids have cell phones with our numbers as well as close family friends. Naturally we taught them to use 911 if unsure as a 'better safe than sorry' rule.


For the car we also have smaller first aid kits, thermal blankets, water, handheld CB radios, reflective triangles, snow chains, AAA cards and toilet paper. The wife carries this...



Mine new one for carry is this...



For hunting we also carry small first aid kits (larger ones when we hunt in Texas with Dick Cheney), water, snacks, whistle, mirror, waterproof matches, thermal blanket and toilet paper.

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Guest Gossioii9

A wonderful article…. In my life, I have never seen a man be so selfless in helping others around him to get along and get working.

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He's kidding of course.


The trigger is so bad on those plastic guns, you would be safe unless he hit you with it.:eek:



Want to bet. The I will do the pepsi challange with the sigma. I can hit small soup cans at 25 yards 95% of the time. If have thousands of rounds with zero FTF. You wouldn't want to step infront of my Plastic gun.

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