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I know it's been asked before, but: Sporting vs. Field


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Hello everyone. I'm a bit new to this forum, but I've been a reader for some time. I was wondering if y'all could help me with some things in my research for my next shotgun (a growing collection, much to the dismay of the fiance).


All right - I own several shotguns, and have been shooting clays with field and sporting guns, I've read forum postings, and I have no idea if there's really any tangible difference between sporting and field shotguns.


Outside of more cosmetic things (wood finish, fiber optic green sights, etc.) is there any reason why a serious clays shooter should opt for a sporting gun over a field gun?


This is a general question, but it has come up again recently as I'm considering a few Benellis. I am a serious clays shooter, but I've found I prefer the feel of my single barreled guns over double. Anyway, in doing my research, I remembered how it basically took a concentrated effort for me to shoulder an M2 and not be on point (great feel), and I'm wondering whether it's worth it to go the extra several hundred and get a Cordoba.


As a side note, I've found in shouldering many semi-autos, there's really a lot of semi's that feel the same, and none, that I'm aware of, that feel much like the Benellis, or are as slim/slender as the Benellis. I really like this quick pointing feel, and I was wondering if any of you happened to know of other makes with those characteristics in your opinion. In asking this, I'm almost positive I'm buying a Benelli, but I like to be thorough and test my tentative decisions.


Thanks for your help and sorry for the long post.

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is there any reason why a serious clays shooter should opt for a sporting gun over a field gun?
Depends on what you hunt with a Field Gun, do you need 3" or 3.5" ammo in lead AND steel for the game you hunt? Can you afford to have 2 guns?


I have handled the Benelli Super Sport, I liked it a lot, to me it had the slim feel that you mentioned. IF I were concentrating on entry level Sporting Clays (or 5 stand) it would be on the short list to seriously check out. {Beretta Al391 Urika was a good fit for me also when it comes to sporting clays, I have stubby hands!}

IF your going FITASC , best to read the "rules" before purchasing a gun to meet their requirements!


Good basic article here >>> http://www.shootingtimes.com/longgun_reviews/benelliss_051107/index.html

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Thank you, sirs. I used to use a Cynergy Sporting for clays, but then I was hitting about aw much with my single-barreled hunting guns and enjoyed the quick point and light feel more than my sporter. The sporter was sold, and I bought a Browning semi-auto, which fits me real well. It's a Silver and has a different feel than the more standard-looking Gold and various other makers' semi's. The Benelli shotguns that I got a chance to play with at the opening of a local Gander Mountain a little while ago really made a great impression with me as they had this feel that I like, and they seemed to fit me well (felt almost like I just couldn't shoulder them and be off target).


Anyway...if the above sorts of things are really the only differences between a sporter and a field gun, I'll go ahead and just pick up whichever I can get the right deal on - they both felt great at Gander.


I'll prob shoulder them again and see which ends up coming home with me. I'm also interested in finding out what the heck this new "Vinci" is....


Thanks guys.

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Just took my new Cordoba to the local sporting clays range last week and improved my score by 15 hits. Was it the shotgun?, was it a mental thing?, did I just have a good day?,. I'm not sure; but it may be a while before the Citori gets a chance to prove itself again. Confidence in the tool may outweigh other factors. I was initially concerned about the just one choke per station factor but I felt that that didn't weigh too heavily on my misses, more likely I just didn't focus enough. It is comfortable, it follows through nicely, lighter than my O/U, very forgiving on my shoulder, no complaints. Whatever you decide I hope you are as pleased with your decision as I am with mine.

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