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I have an M4 and shoot Federal's Vital Shock Tru-balls through it which are rifled slugs. However, when I look on the box of Sabot rounds, it seems to vehemently demand that they are to be used only in rifled bore shotguns. Can anyone enlighten this fool as to what I can feed my baby?

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I have Lightfield 2.75s and they "recommend" a rifled barrel or choke but do not require it, also they are not recommended for 3.5 chambers. Without the spin you may not get proper sabot discharge, probably their basis for vehemently demanding a rifled barrel.

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So would anything bad happen if the round discharged improperly?

It won't "hurt" anything but accuracy. The sabot was designed to be "spin stabilized", and the spin assists in discarding the sabot, without disrupting the projectile itself. Hope this helps.

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